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LEAP is helping to solve one of the most underrated issues in the sports industry today – The lack of opportunities for young talents.

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What is LEAP

LEAP's mission is to enable everyone to be discovered worldwide by different audiences, providing a stage and an opportunity to all athletes around the world, without exception!

To do this, LEAP has built the next-generation sports discovery and endorsement platform, built by sports enthusiasts, for sports enthusiasts!

Leveraging blockchain technologies and the power of Web3, LEAP will fill the gaps in the traditional Web2 sporting world, and also introduce new economic models to better align the interests of athletes, fans, professionals, and the business that supports them. LEAP facilitates the global shift in athlete discovery through a unique P2E platform that connects athletes seeking exposure directly with fans or professionals while rewarding them for their actions on the platform.


Public sales: Oct 31, 2022 - Oct 31, 2022
Token supply: 200,000,000 LEAP


Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: LEAP
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20, BEP20
Token price in USD: 1 LEAP = 0.5 USD
Token distribution:
Contingency - 10%
Marketing - 20%
Global Operations - 30%
Partnership - 5%
G&A - 10%
Platform Development - 20%
Research - 5%

LEAP Roadmap

Q3 2022

Product Development

  • Leap ERC-20 Token creation
  • ETHscan, CMC & Coingecko listing
  • DEX Major Partnership
  • Incentivized staking pools
  • Prototype IOS & Android app released(Web App)
  • LEAP Alpha release
  • Players Profile Feature
  • POLYGON Bridge
  • BSC Bridge

Project Marketing

  • Major Sports partner announcement
  • Languages and Scalability
  • Leading Market Maker Recruitment
  • Major partnership with the International Maccabi Organization
  • Global awareness + PR
  • Centralized Exchanges Listings & Partnerships
  • LEAP Community Building
  • Certik/Slowmist Audit
Q4 2022

Product Development

  • Leaderboard Implementation
  • NFT Marketplace
  • New Sports Introduced

Project Marketing

  • Leap Player Card widget
  • Mexican Market Penetration
  • Tier 1 Exchanges Listing
  • Indexes Marketing Campaign
  • Asian Market Penetration
Q1 2023

Product Development

  • Branded Tournaments
  • LEAP NFT Staking
  • Multi-Level Rewards and Referral Program
  • Upgrade UI
  • LEAP V1.0 Release

Project Marketing

  • International Marketing Push
  • Rapidly Increase Trading Volume on Exchanges
  • Release Special LEAP NFT Collection
  • DAO "Snapshot" Promotion
  • Sports Influencers Marketing
Q2 2023

Product Development

  • Release Mini-Games on the LEAP ecosystem
  • NFT Renting Feature
  • New Game Economy
  • SOLANA Bridge

Project Marketing

  • Release Co-Branded NFT collections and Promotions
Q3 2023

Product Development

  • Incorporation with Meta-verse projects
  • Ad Monetization for Videos on LEAP

Project Marketing

  • Create a LEAP-Branded Merchandise store to help support charity
Q4 2023

Product Development

  • LEAP DAO Rollout
  • LEAP 2.0 Release

Project Marketing

  • Education on LEAP - LEAP Academy

Project team

Daniel Avidor
Daniel Avidor
Founder & Chairman
Daniel Avidor linkedin
Omri Lachman
Omri Lachman
Co-Founder & CEO
Omri Lachman linkedin
Yuval Akav
Yuval Akav
Co-Founder & EVP, CTO
Yuval Akav linkedin
Guy Zinger
Guy Zinger
Guy Zinger linkedin
Marom Yvgi
Marom Yvgi
VP Blockchain
Marom Yvgi linkedin
Adiel Ron
Adiel Ron
VP Partnerships & BizDev
Adiel Ron linkedin
Alexandra Grytsenok
Alexandra Grytsenok
Brand Manager
Alexandra Grytsenok linkedin


Andrey Nayman
Andrey Nayman
Senior Blockchain Advisor, CEO & Founder of Magic Square
Andrey Nayman linkedin
Micky Watkins
Micky Watkins
Strategic Advisor, Founder & CEO of Worldmobile
Micky Watkins linkedin
Tal Elyashiv
Tal Elyashiv
Strategic Advisor, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at SPiCE VC
Tal Elyashiv linkedin
Jordi Cruyff
Jordi Cruyff
Professional Partner, FC Barcelona
Jordi Cruyff linkedin
Rony Rosenthal
Rony Rosenthal
Professional Partner, Football agent
Rony Rosenthal instagram
Tal Brody
Tal Brody
Strategic Advisor, Israeli Basketball Legend
Tal Brody linkedin
Jamie King
Jamie King
Advisor, VP of Marketing for Lifesciences Inc., Ex Co-founder of Rockstar Games
Jamie King linkedin

Social media

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