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CoinCasino (CAS) first blockchain casino with the ability to convert into real money.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
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What is CoinCasino

Crypto currency. CAS tokens will be used as the main game currency in the casino CoinCasino. Tokens and the work of online casinos are based on blockchain technology. CAS tokens during the ICO can be purchased in exchange for BTC, ETH or real money.

Anonymity. CoinCasino will never ask user's documents for identification and playing in the online casino CoinCasino.

Fair game. With the use of blockchain, CoinCasino is able to create an absolutely safe and honest casino. No one and under any circumstances can not influence the distribution and game combinations.

Token info

Ticker: CAS
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.010000 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Token distribution:
68% - Purchasers
12% - Team
10% - Early Adopters & Founders
10% - Fund
Funds allocation:
50% - Dividends
30% - Research & Marketing
15% - Operation
5% - Legal

CoinCasino Roadmap

2017 Q1-Q2

Getting started on the gaming platform

2017 Q2

Getting started with blockchain

2017 Q3

The first working prototypes and debugging technologies

2017 Q4


2018 Q2

Launch CoinCasino!

Project team

Darya Zavyalova
Darya Zavyalova
Smart Contract Engineer
Vojtěch Novotný
Vojtěch Novotný
UX/UI Designer and Frontend Developer
Jiři Bartak
Jiři Bartak
Backend Developer and Smart Contract Engineer
Pavel Hrebicek
Pavel Hrebicek
Marketing and SEo
Radek Kopsov
Radek Kopsov
Math and Cryptography Engineer
Michal Bakajsov
Michal Bakajsov
Backend Developer


Maksim Kiryuhin
Maksim Kiryuhin
Chairman, FONBEt
Rhodri Darch
Rhodri Darch
Chief Strategy Officer, KINDREDTeam

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