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Cruzeo (CRZ)

Cruzeo is a decentralized ridesharing application powered by NEO and Ontology.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeDApp

What is Cruzeo

Cruzeo is a 0% commission platform. Drivers beneft from increased earnings potential, while riders can enjoy signifcantly cheaper rides. Users are provided the freedom to choose their own fare calculation variables. This system is provided in a user-friendly way and serves to create a genuinely two sided marketplace. Any user on the Cruzeo platform can establish an additional passive income stream by referring other users to the Cruzeo platform. Every time a user’s referral spends on the Cruzeo platform, the user will receive a small portion of their referral’s spend in CRZ tokens. Cruzeo smart contracts are fully open-source, making it impossible to utilize covert software designed to systematically deceive law enforcement. 


Token supply: 200,000,000
Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: NEO

Token info

Ticker: CRZ
Type: Security
Token price in USD: 1 CRZ = 0.2 USD
Accepted currencies: NEO
Token distribution:
50% - Token Offering
25% - CRUZEO Foundation Reserve
15% - Incentives Pool
10% - Team & Advisory Board

Cruzeo Roadmap

Q4 2018

CRUZEO Protocol Pivot.

Q1 2019

System Design Completion.
nOS Partnership.
First users representing a client base of 125k users register official interest.

Q3 2019

Planned MVP Release.

Q4 2019

Planned Cross-Platform Beta Release.

Project team

Carlo Mannino
Carlo Mannino
Co-founder + Executive Director
Carlo Mannino linkedin
Doris Schiöberg
Doris Schiöberg
Co-founder + VP of Engineering
Doris Schiöberg linkedin
Marco Staal
Marco Staal
Co-Founder + PM
Marco Staal linkedin
Rod Pienaar
Rod Pienaar
Financial Lead
Rod Pienaar linkedin
Fabrice Medine
Fabrice Medine
Senior Business Development
Fabrice Medine linkedin
Tao Feng
Tao Feng
Tao Feng linkedin
Yuan Tian
Yuan Tian
Yuan Tian linkedin
Ricardo Mighty
Ricardo Mighty
Ricardo Mighty linkedin
Andreas Krueger
Andreas Krueger
Blockchain Specialist
Andreas Krueger linkedin
Abhi Bothra
Abhi Bothra
Abhi Bothra linkedin
Calley Nye
Calley Nye
Marketing Advisor
Calley Nye linkedin

Social media

Cruzeo web-siteCruzeo RedditCruzeo MediumCruzeo TelegramCruzeo TwitterCruzeo Facebook

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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