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Blockchain protocol which brings transparency to online gambling and supports provably fair gambling as well as game development for all participants of the gambling industry

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Project industryGambling & Betting

Technical details

BET token is a standard Ethereum ERC20 token. It is used as ingame currency for all the game contracts integrated with the protocol and to power DAO.Casino reward system. Ingame currency and a reward system are complimentary. Despite of Gas cost that is required for Ethereum powered software to run, the fees should remain lower than in traditional server based online gambling. This is because the gas is paid per operation, and only for the operations and storage that is used. Game’s front end can be stored either on the server or on the network using decentralised file storage systems such as IPFS or Ethereum’s native Swarm. Using Swarm will also allow to program the game to pay for it’s own front-end storage.

What is DAO.Casino

- Enables a sustainable model which benefits all the parties involved in the online gambling business process - An automated value distribution protocol acting as an mechanism of incentives and expressed in a system of Ethereum contracts - A system that is capable of providing equally unpredictable pseudorandom numbers for the games - DAO.Casino team became on of the winner of the Status Global Hackathon - Security of the system is achieved through transparency, consistency and cryptographic verifiability of software used to automate processes otherwise involving trust, and economic incentive mechanisms for it’s human participants


Public sales: Jun 27, 2017 - Jul 24, 2017
Raised: 11,200,000 USD


Registration country: Germany

Token info

Ticker: BET
Token price in USD: 1 BET = 0.01 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
The total amount of tokens is proportional to the amount of Ether contributed during the crowdfunding period. Maximum cap: $25,000,000 in Ether, no minimum cap. No more BET will be issued after crowdfunding period is over. Token distribution: 70% — Token Sale Participants 10% — Early Adopters & Founders 10% — Bounty 10% — Legal Entity

DAO.Casino Roadmap


- Market research
- Technical feasibility
- Technical feasibility

Q1 2017

- First game release on Edcon

- Platform prototype

Q2-1 2017

- Platform Alpha

- Dice game beta

- Black Jack beta

- Protocol main contract

- WP release

Q2-2 2017

- Public audit

- RNG Signidice integration

Q3-1 2017

Contribution campaign

Q3-2 2017

- Multiplayer RNG research

- Lottery Alpha

- Slot game Alpha

- IPFS integration

Q4 2017

- Official release platform (testnet)

- Multiplayer RNG release

- Lottery beta


- VR platform

- Betting integration

- Prediction Integration DAO.Casino JS

Project team

Ilya Tarutov
Ilya Tarutov
Ilya Tarutov facebook
Konstantin Lomashuk
Konstantin Lomashuk
Protocol Architect
Konstantin Lomashuk facebook
Alexander Noxon
Alexander Noxon
CTO / Platform development
Alexander Noxon facebook
Ksenya Bellman
Ksenya Bellman
Business Development
Ksenya Bellman twitter
Alexandra Fetisova
Alexandra Fetisova
Project Manager
Alexandra Fetisova facebook
Sergey Pomorin
Sergey Pomorin
Game Developer
Sergey Pomorin facebook
Sergey Lonshakov
Sergey Lonshakov
DAO design and implementation
Sergey Lonshakov facebook
Alexander Krupenkin
Alexander Krupenkin
Solidity Developer
Eugene Radchenko
Eugene Radchenko
Program Manager
Alexander Davydov
Alexander Davydov
Solidity Developer
Alexander Davydov facebook
Alex Kirillov
Alex Kirillov
Alex Kirillov facebook
Akbar Murataliev
Akbar Murataliev
Marketing Executive
Akbar Murataliev facebook
Stepanchenko Alexander
Stepanchenko Alexander
Full Stack Developer
Stepanchenko Alexander facebook
Theo Goodman
Theo Goodman
Community Manager (Germany)
Theo Goodman facebook
David Choi
David Choi
Community Manager (Germany)

Social media

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