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Delta-X is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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What is Delta-X

Introduction and the Problems:

The cryptocurrency market today comprises of a multi-billion-dollar industry (and that figure is expected to see rapid growth in the coming years) scattered over many platforms and which is yet to be fully accepted. Crypto can be risky as currently it is still very volatile. The value of coins can drop drastically in a matter of minutes and can increase just as drastically, causing the false sense of a bull run where inexperienced investors and some experienced ones will buy and then end up losing due to a massive drop after the pump.

Another problem is that the SEC might classify most cryptocurrencies as securities in coming times, which could cause many complications such as investments having to be returned and exchanges being forced to close down for selling unregistered securities. In some events, the investors also stand to lose.

These are only two of the current problems, but are big ones and this prevents things like mass adoption, retailers accepting cryptocurrency for payments and organizations from paying salaries in crypto. This is why cryptocurrency cannot be used for everyday living such as payment method for goods and services and while this is the case, mass adoption will likely not happen.

Our desire is to assist in mass adoption of crypto and solve the problems. The solution is Delta-X.

We have established Delta-X because we believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and we believe our idea will be hugely successful and believed in, as it will cancel out all volatility, it will give the people a coin that will never depreciate, so will be able to be used for every day stuff like groceries and other goods and services and also, this coin will increase in value every month due to our profit sharing.

As this satisfies the conditions of a security coin, we will not be trying to evade SEC but embracing it.

Regulation is coming and we will rather be ahead of the curve than suffer the consequences for not being compliant.

This will also be better for you, the investor or trader as you can rest assured you are trading on a fully compliant and registered exchange, trading a registered security. An exchange that will not be affected should authorities classify all Crypto, especially ICO distributed coins, as securities.

We will offer you a one of a kind product and service. We will remove the risk introduced by volatility. We will give you a coin that acts as a savings/investment accruing interest due to profit sharing

Only DLX coin holders will be entered into our profit share program, have a coin that never depreciates, increases in value every month and have access to future developments such as the online shop, market place, mobile apps, games, the ability to use your crypto as if it were fiat, etc.

We will give you more than you knew you need and will strive to provide our users with technological advancements and an improved experience with features required by novice as well as professional traders.

We will be taking extra measures to avoid Brute Force and DDoS attacks. 2FA and strong, complex passwords will be a requirement for all users to avoid user accounts being hacked.

Due to the above the Delta-X Exchange will be embracing SEC, regulation and other legalities required.

The DLX coin will be a security coin and registered as such. This will permit us to legally sell and issue the security.

The Delta-X Exchange will be registered as a securities trader as per SEC requirements. This will permit us to legally sell/trade securities and will make us one of the few Crypto exchanges to do this.

This will help avoid things like lawsuits from SEC or other regulators and also prevent a pause in operation like many other exchanges and ICOs are currently facing due to not being registered. Or even worse could happen and they could be shut down completely and forced to return all funds raised because of it.

In doing this we will make it much safer for our users as their funds will not be collateral of such possible legal issues, because there will be none.


Public sales: Jan 01, 2019 - Jul 31, 2019
Token supply: 70,000,000 DLX
Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 24,250,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: DLX
Type: Security
Token price in USD: 1 DLX = 0.4 USD
Token price in ETH: ETH, BTC
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Bonus program:
ICO phase 1 - discount 72%
ICO phase 2 - discount 40%
ICO phase 3 - discount 30%
ICO phase 4 - discount 20%
Token distribution:
Frozen 70%
Token sale 14%
Founders and team 6%
Bounty program rewards 2%
Allocated to exchange 8%
Funds allocation:
Development 48%
Marketing and Partnerships 16%
Operations and Legal costs 16%
Founders and Team 16%
Expanding the Team 4%

Delta-X Roadmap

January 2018

Formulation of Idea.

March 2018

Contracts and framework finalized.

May 2018

Form initial team.

July 2018

ICO Preparation and Start of platform development.

September 1st 2018

Initial Coin Offering Opens - Phase (1) & (2).

October 1st 2018

Initial Coin Offering - Phase 3.

November 2018

ICO Phase 4 start, SEC Registration & building of DTX Blockchain.

December 2018

Commercial license preparation.

January 2019

Distribution of DTX Coins.
Delta-X Platform(s) go-live.

February 2019

Mobile DApps Development.

Project team

Jaco van Niekerk
Jaco van Niekerk
Founder, CEO & CTO
Jaco van Niekerk linkedin
Gordon Allan
Gordon Allan
Founder, CEO & COO
Gordon Allan linkedin
Mary-Ann Allan
Mary-Ann Allan
Graphic Designer & Marketing
Cindy Fisher
Cindy Fisher
Legal and Compliance
Cindy Fisher linkedin
Grant (Apollygon) I'Anson
Grant (Apollygon) I'Anson
Blockchain, currency and smart contract developer
Grant (Apollygon) I'Anson linkedin

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