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Via Protocol unites cross-chain protocols and finds the cheapest 1-transaction any-to-any swaps. Web3 infrastructure that aggregates liquidity on multiple EVM and non-EVM cross-chain bridges and does instant bridging transactions using execution liquidity pool on the target chain.

Funding Round: $1.2 Million

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeProtocol
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What is Via Protocol

Via is an advanced cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol, that unites DEXs and cross-chain protocols and found the cheapest 1-transaction any-to-any swaps.

We aggregate more than 40 DEXs across 13 networks and 9 of the most popular cross-chain bridges to find exchange routes.

Our robust API may be helpful in several types of projects:

  • NFT games and collections can now create a better checkout experience with a customizable UI — no more detailed guides for bridging tokens to your chain.
  • NFT marketplaces can now receive payments in any token and transfer NFTs to the buyer on the NFT’s chain.
  • DeFi wallets can now provide the best cross-chain experience with cheap, truly any-to-any swaps (not just to а stablecoins on the target chain).


Raised: 1,200,000 USD


Registration year: 2021

Project team

Daniil Okhlopkov
Daniil Okhlopkov
Co-Founder, CTO
Daniil Okhlopkov linkedin
Serafim Korablev
Serafim Korablev
Co-founder, CEO
Serafim Korablev linkedin
Matvey Belyaev
Matvey Belyaev
Head of Community/Marketing (CMO)
Matvey Belyaev linkedin
Denis Babchuk
Denis Babchuk
Senior UX/UI Designer
Denis Babchuk linkedin
Artem Nischimenko
Artem Nischimenko
Senior Software Engineer
Artem Nischimenko linkedin
Yerassyl Zhanymkanov
Yerassyl Zhanymkanov
Senior Software Engineer
Yerassyl Zhanymkanov linkedin
Max Korolev
Max Korolev
Web3 Frontend Developer
Max Korolev linkedin
Aleksey Lisun
Aleksey Lisun
Web 3.0 Frontend Engineer
Aleksey Lisun linkedin


Gleb Onishchenko
Gleb Onishchenko
Angel Investor & Adviser
Gleb Onishchenko linkedin

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