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Nabla AMM combines oracle-guided pricing with single-sided LPing to unlock deep liquidity and the highest capital efficiency.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeProtocol
FoundedVirgin Islands (British)
WhitepaperNabla Finance White Paper Open
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What is Nabla Finance

Nabla is a novel Automated Market Maker for Crypto and Real World Assets, including Forex. Its innovative architecture offers optimal capital efficiency and thus lowest swap costs. But the main innovation is the intrinsic separation of providing token liquidity from taking on the market making risks. This enables low-risk single-sided token liquidity provision into the Swap Pools, and thus can attract deep swap liquidity at relatively low costs. The market making risks are reduced as much as possible, with the remaining risks confined into a dedicated incentivised Backstop Pool.

The pricing in a swap is calculated based on an external oracle price from off-chain markets, modulated with additional on-chain price curves for the involved assets, which depend on the historic volatility of the respective asset and the coverage ratio of the pool.


Blockchain Platform: Arbitrum
Registration country: Panama
Registration year: 2022

Project team

Aaron Lindner
Aaron Lindner
Co-Founder, Product & Strategy
Aaron Lindner linkedin
Andy Wermke
Andy Wermke
Co-Founder, Technology
Andy Wermke linkedin
Gökhan Seckin
Gökhan Seckin
BizDev & Marketing
Gökhan Seckin linkedin


André Gaul
André Gaul
André Gaul linkedin
Nicholas Burgess
Nicholas Burgess
Nicholas Burgess linkedin
Nik Pletikos
Nik Pletikos
Nik Pletikos linkedin

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