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Bictory Finance (BT)


Bictory Finance is a financial technology company that leverages Web3 technologies to develop and deliver financial solutions and DApps in the Crypto space across different chains.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeEcosystem
FoundedVirgin Islands (U.S.)
WhitepaperBictory Finance White Paper Open
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What is Bictory Finance

Bictory Finance Bictory Finance is confident that regulation, compliance and cross-chain interoperability are the keys to broader adoption of Web3 technologies. This is something it calls RegDeFi. Compliance will lead to less bad actors in the crypto space and more safe and productive ecosystem. Bictory Finance has built BictoryEX, a Custodial crypto exchange that utilizes Concordium’s ID-Layer technology for KYC and AML purposes. This is a major breakthrough in identity and verification on Blockchain technology and makes the KYC process faster and efficient.

Bictory Finance also just launched their cross-chain NFT Marketplace (available on Concordium and Solana) and they are currently building the Concordium Name Service DApp. Bictory Finance is a two-time grant recipient and was the first project to receive a grant from the Concordium Foundation.


IEO (p2pb2b Launchpad): Nov 04, 2022 - Nov 14, 2022
IDO (Kommunitas Launchpad): Nov 04, 2022 - Nov 04, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 20,500,000 BT
Token supply: 100,000,000 BT
Total tokens for sale: 22,500,000 BT


Blockchain Platform: Concordium
Registration country: Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Registration year: 2019

Token info

Ticker: BT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BT = 0,95 USD
Accepted currencies: USDC
Token distribution:
2% - Seed Sale
18,5% - Seed Sale
2% - Public Sale
28% - Platform Growth
15% - Founding Team
5% - Strategic Partners
2% - Advisors
0,5% - Liquidity
25% - Community Reward

Bictory Finance Roadmap

Q1-Q3, 2021
  • Team Assembly
  • Market Analysis. Research
  • Concordium Grant Application
  • Seed Round, Private Sales A & B
  • Development: CEX and BictoryNFT
Q4, 2021
  • Private Sale Round C
  • Development: CEX and BictoryNFT
  • Concordium ID layer integration
  • BictoryNFT Marketing Campaign
Q1, 2022
  • Receive Concordium Grant
  • ConcordiumProjects Launch
  • Private Sale Round D
  • Terrestria NFT collection Launch
  • BictoryNFT Marketplace v1
  • BT token IDO
  • Bictory CEX v1 Launch
Q2, 2022
  • Bictory DEX Grant Application
  • Security Audit: CEX
  • BictoryNFT Marketplace v2
  • Product Update: Bictory CEX
Q3, 2022
  • ConcordiumProjects v2
  • Bictory DEX testnet
  • Baker Node on Concordium
Q4, 2022
  • Cross-chain integration
  • Bictory DEX Mainnet
  • Concordium Identity Service Provider

Project team

Joha Sulaymonov
Joha Sulaymonov
Founder & Project Lead
Joha Sulaymonov linkedin
Augustine Wisdom
Augustine Wisdom
Technical Project Manager
Augustine Wisdom linkedin
Minrie Macapugay
Minrie Macapugay
Director at BictoryNFT
Minrie Macapugay linkedin
James Moses
James Moses
Snr Product Designer
James Moses linkedin
Oluwatomi N. Amida
Oluwatomi N. Amida
Lead Business Manager
Oluwatomi N. Amida linkedin
Lory Anne Fabian
Lory Anne Fabian
Marketing Manager
Lory Anne Fabian linkedin
Blockchain Analyst / Creative writer
himi linkedin
Mikhail Pogretskiy
Mikhail Pogretskiy
Rust/Smart Contract Developer
Mikhail Pogretskiy linkedin
Rafael Yakshimbetov
Rafael Yakshimbetov
Full-stack Javascript Developer
Rafael Yakshimbetov linkedin
Kelvin Emmra
Kelvin Emmra
Community Marketing Manager
Kelvin Emmra linkedin
Tarun Jaiswal
Tarun Jaiswal
Rust Blockchain Developer
Tarun Jaiswal linkedin
Marc Brown
Marc Brown
Business Development Manager
Marc Brown linkedin
Kingsley Okoro
Kingsley Okoro
React Developer
Kingsley Okoro linkedin
Cedric (ced.ccd) Egbon
Cedric (ced.ccd) Egbon
Social Media and Content Manager
Cedric (ced.ccd) Egbon linkedin
Naser Faraji
Naser Faraji
Back End Developer
Naser Faraji linkedin
Adeiza Dan
Adeiza Dan
Marketing Team Lead
Adeiza Dan linkedin


Agbona Igwemoh
Agbona Igwemoh
Business Advisor
Agbona Igwemoh linkedin
Kristjan Kosic
Kristjan Kosic
Technical Advisor
Kristjan Kosic linkedin
Lars Rensing
Lars Rensing
Marketing/Business Advisor
Lars Rensing linkedin

Social media

Bictory Finance web-siteBictory Finance MediumBictory Finance TelegramBictory Finance LinkedInBictory Finance TwitterBictory Finance Discord



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