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Decentralized Exchange (DEX) fully on-chain with autonomous smart-contracts & front-end hosted directly on blockchain.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeProtocol
WhitepaperDusa Labs White Paper Open

What is Dusa Labs

We’re excited to present Dusa Protocol! A decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Massa blockchain. As a fully on-chain DEX, Dusa leverages the benefits of blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent platform for users to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Dusa Protocol is a new non-custodial automated market maker that enables the possibility to have a 100% on-chain experience and thus remove any single point of failure. Dusa also offers a liquidity structure that requires no active management from the LP while also allowing them to handle their liquidity manually.


Blockchain Platform: Massa
Registration year: 2022

Dusa Labs Roadmap

Lake Phase | Q3 & Q4 2022

Research & Development
‍‍Community development
‍Beta DEX development

Coral Phase | Q1 & Q2 2023

Seed round
First rounds of beta testing
Development of autonomous liquidity
‍Security audit
‍Research on new innovation around autonomous smart contracts

Sea Phase | Q3 & Q4 2023

DEX deployment
DAO development
Private sale round
Security audit
Implementation of the launchpad

Ocean Phase Q1 & Q2 2024

Security audit
‍Automated market maker improvements
‍DAO governance and token launch
Research & Development on autonomous smart contract for DeFi on other chains

Project team

Leo Jouanny
Leo Jouanny
Leo Jouanny linkedin
Solène Daviaud
Solène Daviaud
Solène Daviaud linkedin
Thibaut Skotnicki
Thibaut Skotnicki
Thibaut Skotnicki linkedin
Alexandre Dupin
Alexandre Dupin
Full Stack Developer
Alexandre Dupin linkedin
Pierre-Louis Haboury
Pierre-Louis Haboury
Blockchain Developer
Pierre-Louis Haboury linkedin
Baptiste Marchand
Baptiste Marchand
Full Stack Engineer
Baptiste Marchand linkedin

Social media

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