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Dogatoshi is a memecoin powered by Ordify.

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Project industryMeme
Product typeCryptocurrency

What is Dogatoshi

Dogatoshi is a memecoin powered by Ordify, and featuring on Catamoto’s launchpad next week. Thus, it starts the war of cats vs dogs. Introducing Dogatoshi, where woofs meet wealth in the world of meme tokens! They plan to launch on Uniswap (Base chain) on June 26.

As a Bronze sponsor of the Infinity platform, Dogatoshi has donated 1% of their supply. The airdrop of DOGA will be distributed over a period of 200 days to all users who locked their 10SET tokens on Infinity premium airdrops.


IDO (TrustPad Launchpad): Jun 22, 2024 - Jun 25, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 DOGA
Total tokens for sale: 725,000,000,000 DOGA


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration year: 2024

Token info

Ticker: DOGA
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 DOGA = 0,000002 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT

Social media

Dogatoshi web-siteDogatoshi TelegramDogatoshi X (Twitter)Dogatoshi Github

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