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Dtrack is a complementary cryptocurrency to mine cryptocurrency via proof of exercise. (POE)

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Project industryMining
Product typeCryptocurrency

What is Dtrack



Dtrack is a complementary cryptocurrency that has been developed on ethereum Network to allow anyone, regardless of technical ability, easy access to cryptocurrency. Within a few minutes of installing the mobile app any user can see Dtrack being added to their wallet via the unique body (proof of exercise) mining experience. Nearly all cryptocurrencies are “mined” with specialist equipment. Dtrack can be obtained via the body mining experience, ie your app running on the background tracks your steps and heartbeats.

We’ve developed a fully functioning crypto coin with some very unique features. We’ve identified multiple enormous markets and we're developing a free iOS and Android app.


The Dtrack Token introduces Proof or Exercise (POE). The POE is a smart contract-based rewards system that its activated by detecting locations in the geolocation coordinates smart contract and by tracking your steps and heartbeat via the Dtrack mobile App and smart contract to deliver block reward.

Token earning structure estimates, these are based on mining difficulty, therefore the more tokens you can earn the more valuable they will become.

Smartwatch integration; there is a mining technology in the dtrack app which enable the user to synchronize the application with the dtrack water-resistant smartwatch, this technology will proffer the flexible utility of the app cause the dtrack token is designed to bemineable from any distance and through any physical exercise, our technology will detectautomatically with it sensors the varieties of mode that is in use and each mode will bemineable by the amount of distance covered per kilometre be it, swimming, sprinting,skating, the skiing, skydiving, racing, and driving, user will be able to switch between these modes.

Dtrack pair to pair VR exercise platform. Our technology will provide an avenue for subscribers to place a bet on the virtual realitysection of the application, individuals will place a bet against the avatar of themselves onthe varieties of physical events, games, and social practices, these techniques will givegame developers the opportunity to develop games related to physical exercises in thevirtual world section of the application, each game will be thoroughly examined by our teamof expert gamers before it will be showcased for subscribers to play, this will thus make itcompetitive for more than one individual to participate by betting directly against each otheror indirectly staking on a particular gamer (avatar) to emerge, winner of the best base onthe individual ratings, our major objective is to build an active but very competitive virtuallife where physically challenged people can as well be a part of the mining processirrespective of their impediments.


Our goal is to motivate people into exercising and becoming healthy with currency and to compensate them with the dtrack token.


As a company our vision is to foster the global adoption of blockchain technology through fitness, we intend to persuade every individual to remain fit and as such causing global adoption of cryptocurrency.


Before we started thinking about our project, we had one thing in our mind. How might we prevent the enormous mining ranches from getting all the market hashing power? The fundamental motivation behind why we cherish digital currency is that it gets rid of the middleman. We really believed that we could dispense with the uncalled for conveyance technique for digital currency mining. Huge mining ranches have instructed us that the ones who have more cash, profit; simply like in the public arena these days. With Dtrack tokens, we are on the whole equivalent.


Public sales: Nov 23, 2018 - Dec 17, 2018
Token supply: 10,000,000,000
Total tokens for sale: 20,000,000,000 DTK
Soft cap: 750ETH (6,000,000,000 DTK)
Hard cap: 1808ETH (10,000,000,000 DTK)


Registration country: Nigeria
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: DTK
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token price in USD: 1 DTK = 6.903E-5 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 ETH = 8,000,000 DTK
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
ICO 1st stage (first 3b tokens) - 1 ETH gives 8m tokens with 10% bonus
ICO 2nd stage (next 4b tokens) - 1 ETH gives 6m tokens with 5% bonus
ICO 3rd stage (next 2b tokens) - 1 ETH gives 3m tokens with 1% bonus
Token distribution:
50% - sales
3% - marketing
3% - bounty
2.5% - team
2% - airdrop
Funds allocation:
60% - Dtrack Ecosystem development
15% - Marketing
20% - Exchange listing
5% - Legal, buyback & admin

Dtrack Roadmap

2018 2nd Quarter

Idea of Body Mining Experience Assembling of Team Members DTRACK

2018 4th Quarter

Airdrop/ Bounty ICO Exchange listing

2019 1th Quarter

Application Launch Merchant Partnership and Listing on More Exchange

2019 2th Quarter

Smart Watches Launch VR Testing Aggressive Marketing

2019 3rd & 4th Quarter

VR Launch

2020 Mainstream

Target 100 million + users

Social media

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