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EON platform is a decentralized digital game distribution platform, where gamers can discover, share and play games, as well as socialize with other gamers. It is powered by blockchcain technologies and is more efficient, trustworthy and globally accessible. The whole ecosystem consists of several parts: game discovery system, game community, referral system, developer system. EON token is the core of the ecosystem, and it is designed with the economic incentive mechanism to reward those behaviours helping to grow the EOn platform.

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Project industry Gaming & VR
Product type Platform


Massive Potential

Games will be one of the first killer applications for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The global games market reaches 116B in 2017 and grows by 8.3% yearly. The mission of EON Protocol is to bring cryptocurrency to more people through games.

Make DGame Development Easier

The pain point for dgame (decentralized game) development is that developers have to learn blockchain technologies and new programming languages to build a game on public chains like Ethereum, EOS. They have to learn how to support multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets. While with the help of EON Protocol, they can build dgames much easier and faster.

Established Community

We’ve built a community of more than 100k+ game players and developers. Our team has built a successful dgame called CryptoAlpaca, which has more than 200k registrations and 50k+ ETH-paid users. Besides, we will partner with USCGame (No.1 game department around the world) to build dgame jams in the future.

Top Tier Team

EON Protocol is initiated by EON Foundation, which is a multinational organization from the birth, with offices in Palo Alto, Beijing and Singapore. Our team members (Facebook, Toutiao, Netease, etc) have successful experiences in bringing innovative tech products to the masses.

High Profile Advisors

EON Foundation’s advisors are industry veterans from gaming, blockchain tech, and token funds, including the founding director of USCGame department, early investor of Ripple & Coinbase.

The global games market (software) revenues reaches 116B in 2017, which is even bigger than global sports business. By 2017, there are 2.2 billion active gamers in the world, of which 47%, or 1.0 billion gamers, spend money while playing. Besides, almost every game has its own in-game currency, which supports in-game payment of digital assets and other services. Gaming is not only a fast-growing industry with huge market size, but also the one actively embraces new technologies. From PC, smartphone to Virtual Reality headset, gaming is usually the first application to take off and effectively educate the mass market. Hence, we see gaming as the best user case for blockchain technology and games are easily to be integrated with cryptocurrencies. If 10% of gamers use cryptocurrency as payment in the game, there will be 220m new cryptocurrency holders. This will efficiently educate people about what is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as well as expanding the market size of the whole blockchain industry.

In order to accelerate this process, we initiated EON Foundation to build and promote EON Protocol (EOT). EON Protocol is a protocol for dgames (decentralized games, or blockchain games). It uses a layer 2 solution to help dgames run smoothly as if on traditional web hosting. It also provides in-game wallet feature for game developers to support multiple cryptocurrency payment and the exchange of digital assets (non fungible tokens).

The concept of EON Protocol was developed during the process we built CryptoAlpaca, a dgame based on Ethereum, with more than 200k registrations. By building a dgame by ourselves, we found the pain point of dgame development. We want to help game developers build dgames easily and fast, and our mission is to bring cryptocurrency to more people through games.

EON Protocol

EON Protocol is short for Entertainment Open Network Protocol. It’s a protocol for dgames. Game developers can integrate their games with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency easily and quickly with the help of EON Protocol. In this section, we’ll introduce more about EON Protocol’s architecture and technical details.

As we mentioned above, the first version of EON Protocol will generally solve the following 3 problems in developing dgames: performance limitation, payment and digital assets. To solve these problems, we’ll have 2 main features in EON Protocol: 1) A layer 2 dgame framework to enable high-performance and logic-heavy games; 2) A in-game wallet SDK to support payment of multiple cryptocurrencies and exchange of digital assets.

DGame Framework

The dgame framework is a layer 2 solution with on-chain/off-chain architecture. It can perform payments or transfer of digital assets with high speed and low cost. It’s similar to Bitcoin's Lightning Network and Ethereum's Raiden Network, but with several improvements to be a less cost, low latency, high throughput, secure, cross-chain and privacy-concerned solution. DGame framework performs its high performance and secure transactions between participants off chain and defers the final transaction confirmation on chain. This is achieved using digital signature and hashed timelock contracts (HTLC), fully locked by previously set on-chain deposits. This concept, illustrated in Figure 1, is known as payment channel technology. Payment channel (or micropayment channel) is one of techniques designed to allow users to make multiple token transactions without committing all of the transactions to the blockchain. In a typical payment channel, unlimited or nearly unlimited number of payments can be made between the participants except for an initial one-time on-chain establishment and an eventual channel settlement. In addition, payments can be routed across more than one blockchain (including altcoins and sidechains) as long as all the chains support the same hash function to use for the hash lock, as well as the ability to create hashed timelock.

ICO Details

Soft cap: 10,000 ETH
Hard cap: 30,000 ETH
Raised: 5,000,000 USD


ICO Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Canada, China, Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, New Zealand, North Korea, Somalia,
South Sudan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tunisia, USA, Yemen
Registration country: Singapore

Token info

Ticker: EON
Token price in ETH: 1 EOT = 0.0000476 ET
Accepted currencies: ETH

EonToken (EON) ICO Roadmap

Q3 2017

Concept development of DGame CryptoAlpaca

Q4 2017

EON Foundation is founded; CryptoAlpaca is under development

Q1 2018

EON Protocol is announced; CryptoAlpaca is launched

Q2-Q3 2018

EOT token is integrated with CryptoAlpaca; Proof of concept and prototype development of EON Protocol

Q4 2018

EON Protocol alpha version is released; Integrate with the first 3 blockchain games

Q1 2019

EON Protocol official version (support ETH, EOS) is released

Q2 2019

EON Protocol supports NEO and QKC; Integrate with 10 blockchain games (50k+ total DAU); Host the 1st EON DGame Jam around the world to build game developers community


EON Protocol supports more public chains; Integrate with more blockchain games; Build a stronger game developer community; and more new stuff to build


 in EonToken (EON) ICO -
Michael Zyda
 in EonToken (EON) ICO - 1
Anshul Dhawan
 in EonToken (EON) ICO - 2
Feng Li
 in EonToken (EON) ICO - 3
Jun Hao

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