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Jan 04, 2019 – Feb 15, 2019

Eso is a groundbreaking new app giving the user their own private decentralised space, secured with a private key. Every section within Eso is protected with end-to-end encryption and private key and pin code. ESOS wallet is allowing all users to send and receive ESOS tokens without the need for ETH balance as gas. Users can purchase ESOS tokens via IAP (in-app purchase) or other fiat payment methods such as Paypal, and then send those tokens to other users, redeem them for Eso tools and services (purchase credits) or just “hodl” them for later.

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Project industry Privacy & Security
Product type App


Eso is a groundbreaking new app giving the user their own private decentralised space, secured with a private key. How the user uses this space, is up to them. Eso offers two key sections – private, and shared. The private section is only accessible and viewable by the user. The shared section is every part as secure, however you can share and communicate with other Eso users of your choice.

There are some key features in Eso we think you’ll love. All of these features are secured on the Eso blockchain with a private key, and end to end encrypted. They include:

Secure Password Management

Users can generate passwords from within Eso, or enter existing passwords. Each password can be copied easily with the press of a button, and is saved next to a nickname such as “John’s Facebook”. The days of keeping a text document of passwords on your desktop, writing them on paper near your desk, or having to memorise them, are over. Eso provides a space that ensures only you can access them. It is every bit as secure as a cryptocurrency wallet. So secure, in fact, that you can store your cryptocurrency wallet private keys, within it. Passwords can be shared with other Eso users of your choosing. This may be used to share an office wifi password, or to share an important password with your partner, for example.

Private Communication

Users can invite other users to begin a private chat session. Not only is the chat end to end encrypted, it’s also secured on the Eso blockchain, for permanence and all the benefits of decentralisation. We, the Eso team, cannot decrypt the chat. We do not hold the private keys. This means we, or any other organisation or government, simply cannot access your private conversations. You can chat about anything, to anyone you choose, in complete confidence. Eso chat will be limited to text only at first, with basic formatting. There will be no better place to host the absolute most private conversations. Users can chat with one other user, or create a group with multiple users.

Announcement Channels

Similar to private chat, however the creator of the group is the only user with the ability to publish text. All other users are read only, and the users are not visible to other users, so they cannot communicate with each other. This is an ideal environment for an official announcement, as users can be sure of the source, and imposters are unlikely to be an issue. In the cryptocurrency world, this would be used for announcements such as an official contribution address, or official news.

Private Calendar and Tasks

Eso allows the user to add completely private calendar events. Nobody outside of your chosen contacts can view your events. This is ideal for personal or confidential meetings or appointments. There is a private and a shared option, and all events concerning you, are stored in the same calendar (including group events where other users have included you). Users will receive notifications of being added to new events, and also event reminders. Every calendar entry is also secured on the Eso blockchain. The Eso task list works in much the same way. Users can simply add tasks, select dates of completion, and share or include others in the tasks if they choose. To-do lists include a simple filter for personal or group tasks.

Corporate Voting

Eso will include the ability to create quick private polls and invite other users to vote. If another user creates a poll and requires your vote, you will receive a notification. Creating a poll will be simple. Write the poll question, choose some options, select duration or number of votes required, and select users you wish to participate. The voting tool is ideal for confidential corporate voting, but it will also come in handy in group chat situations to quickly reach an agreement.

Meeting Minutes and Tasks

Eso provides the ability to record meeting minutes directly into the secure, shared space. Users (meeting attendees) can be added, and also be assigned tasks very easily. Each meeting can have its own file, stored permanently for future reference. Eso meetings are ideal for completely confidential discussions. No longer will you need to save them on the company hard drive or email them to attendees.


Within the Eso app, you can create simple agreements with other users. You can type or paste in the agreement text, attach users, and require them to accept the agreement via the app. All agreements are stored on the Eso blockchain for permanence and are fully encrypted and private. Dates are recorded for agreement creation and acceptance from each user. Agreement revisions are also logged and timestamped. Every previous agreement involving you, will be easily accessible, permanently. If you are added to an agreement or required to agree, you will receive a notification. Agreements can also be exported to a PDF if you choose (although the PDF will remain on your device, unencrypted).


The Eso notepad allows users to type or paste directly into a text document. This is ideal for sharing quick messages, key information or drafts of confidential material. Notepad documents can be kept private, or shared with any number of other users. It is perfect for taking quick notes or sharing content without the need for unsecured files on your desktop or device.

Eso Wallet

Integrated into the Eso app, is a secure cryptocurrency wallet for storing, sending and receiving of ESOS and POLL tokens. The wallet will require no cryptocurrency experience or knowledge. ETH is required for gas, however, we handle that automatically. The user will not need any ETH to make a transaction. We deposit the ETH automatically, and recover the cost in the amount of tokens being sent. For example, a user may need to send 105 ESOS for their recipient to receive 100 ESOS, with the 5 ESOS covering the cost of the ETH used in the background for gas.

The Eso wallet allows users access to their private key. We do not have access to any users private keys. A user can copy their private key (stored securely in their Eso password area) and login to other wallets such as MyEtherWallet. Alternatively they can send ESOS or POLL directly to another Eso user, quickly and easily. Users can also purchase ESOS tokens via in-app purchase (credit card).

More information about ESOS tokens can be found on page 12 of this whitepaper.


Token supply: 49,000,000
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 7,350,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Australia

Token info

Ticker: ESOS
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 ESOS = 0.15 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC,ETH,POLL
Bonus program:
Pre-ICO stage 1 - 15%
Pre-ICO stage 2 - 10%
ICO stage 1 - 5%
Token distribution:
70% - pre-ICO and ICO
20% - Founders, Devs, Team, Advisors, Node Rewards, Exchange Liquidity Expenses
10% - POLL:ESOS Airdop Bounty Program
Funds allocation:
35% - marketing
25% - team & developers
20% - business development
20% - exchange listings & partnerships

Eso ICO Roadmap

November 2018

Presale commences

January 2019

Main Sale commences

February 2019

Token sale completed
ESOS tokens distributed
ESOS listed on EtherShift exchange
ESOS intends to list on Alluma exchange

May 2019

Basic working prototype demonstrating shared, encrypted communication
on the blockchain. This demonstration may take place on the Ethereum
blockchain as proof of concept, while the Eso blockchain is being built.

October 2019

Eso Alpha release (mobile app)
Pre-launch marketing campaign commences

December 2019

Eso mainnet launch
Eso product launch
Major marketing campaign commences

Project team

CoFounder in Eso ICO - 1
Daniel Abela
CoFounder in Eso ICO - 2
Robert Culley
Developer in Eso ICO - 3
Adrian Daluz
UX Designer in Eso ICO - 4
Evgeny Ardashev
UX Designer
Developer in Eso ICO - 5
Chris Hitchins
Developer in Eso ICO - 6
Luke Hedger
Developer in Eso ICO - 7
Kenneth Johnson
Community Manager in Eso ICO - 8
Dale Drury
Community Manager


 in Eso ICO - 9
Simon Cocking

Social media

Web-site Reddit Telegram btctalk Twitter Facebook

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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