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Essentia is a masternode powered blockchain that enables interoperability and cross-chain transactions.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology


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What is Essentia

The aim of Essentia is to build a global decentralized cryptosystem which offers the best, and latest, blockchain innovations in one convenient environment. It offers fast, stable, secure and private transactions over its network and is designed to remain up to date with incoming technology. Every feature implemented Essentia One blockchain is tailored to create a single ecosystem capable of implementing the latest and most efficient technological practices.

The Essentia engineers have already begun implementing the best features currently available, these include a masternode network, staking technology, token swaps, dApp capability, multi-wallets, and identity management. Essentia remains true to the fundamental principles of decentralization: transparency, open-source code, and interoperability.

An enormous effort has been made to incorporate these features into a single essential unit. This work has enabled the Essentia team to offer a unique product entirely differentiated from any competitors.

These are the primary features of the Essentia blockchain network:

  • Security and scalability.
  • Decentralized system powered by Masternodes.
  • Atomic swaps.
  • Essentia superwallet.
  • Anonymous Peer-To-Peer currency.
  • Growing large community on multiple social resources.
  • Higher network security based on PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus instead of PoW (Proof of Work).
  • The proactive, experienced and highly skilled dev team.
  • Details

    Public sales: Jun 25, 2018 - Jul 25, 2018
    IEO (Bibox Launchpad): Apr 06, 2021 - Apr 06, 2021
    Token supply: 1,755,313,373 ESS
    Hard cap: 20,100,000 USD
    Raised: 25,500,000 USD


    Country limitations: CHINA, CUBA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, USA
    Registration country: Switzerland
    Registration year: 2017
    Office address: Essentia One SArue du Rhône 1141204 GenèveSwitzerland

    Token info

    Ticker: ESS
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 ESS= 0.04438536 USD
    Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000067 ETH
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Token distribution:
    46% - Crowdsale
    18% - Team
    10% - Advisors
    11% - as Project reserve
    10% - Masternodes
    5% - Ambassador program
    Funds allocation:
    56% - development
    16% - marketing
    9% - Business Development
    4% - Legal
    6% - Management and operations
    9% - Others

    Essentia Roadmap

    Q1/2 2020

    Software (SW)

  • Essentia Mainnet release
  • Token swap release
  • Blockexplorer extended functionality
  • Ethereum Istanbul Update
  • New branding and website
  • Public (PUB)

  • Mobile ambassador program
  • Referral program
  • Worldwide roadshow
  • AMA/Q&A/Pr
  • General Partnership
  • 2
    Q3/4 2020

    Software (SW)

  • MacOs, Linux, Windows Desktop Application 2.0
  • Automated deploy of the node from the Essentia desktop app
  • SuperWallet implementation 1.0
  • EssX implementation
  • Public (PUB)

  • Mainnet security/bug reporting bounty
  • AMA/Q&A
  • Corporate growth through establishing new offices
  • Partnerships with blockchain-related projects
  • Wiki documentation
  • 3
    Q1/2 2021

    Software (SW)

  • More Pos products on the platform
  • Essentia Identity Management 1.0
  • Essentia Voting Center
  • Exchange Integration
  • Public (PUB)

  • Worldwide roadshow
  • Self-hosted meetup
  • ESS Hackathon
  • Partnerships with the government sector
  • 4
    Q3/4 2021

    Software (SW)

  • Essentia Storage implementation
  • Blockexplorer extended functionality
  • MultiSig implementation
  • Desktop Application 2.0
  • Public (PUB)

  • Partnerships with the public sector
  • Media Coverage
  • Partnership Development
  • 5
    Q1/2 2022

    Software (SW)

  • Interoperability between chains
  • Additional Desktop app products
  • Superwallet 2.0 implementation
  • Public (PUB)

  • Worldwide roadshow
  • AMA/Q&A/Podcasts/Live Streams
  • Partnerships with blockchain-related projects
  • Contributions program
  • 6
    Q3/4 2022

    Software (SW)

  • Cross-chain Integrations
  • Distributed access
  • Additional mobile app products
  • Essentia Identity Management 2.0
  • Public (PUB)

  • Pr Coverage
  • Contributions program
  • Worldwide roadshow
  • ESS Hackathon
  • Development Partnerships
  • Project team

    Bohdan Bobrytskyi
    Bohdan Bobrytskyi
    Bohdan Bobrytskyi linkedin
    Andrew Gard
    Andrew Gard
    Andrew Gard linkedin
    Ilona Kotysko
    Ilona Kotysko
    Head of Marketing
    Ilona Kotysko linkedin
    Serhii Berezovskyi
    Serhii Berezovskyi
    Marketing Manager
    Serhii Berezovskyi linkedin
    Anna Kunytska
    Anna Kunytska
    Head of Social Media
    Anna Kunytska linkedin
    Bohdan Hrytsenia
    Bohdan Hrytsenia
    Customer Care
    Bohdan Hrytsenia linkedin
    Olena Dikhtiaruk
    Olena Dikhtiaruk
    Customer Care
    Olena Dikhtiaruk linkedin


    Moe Levin
    Moe Levin
    Moe Levin linkedin
    Erik van der Staak
    Erik van der Staak
    Erik van der Staak linkedin
    Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham linkedin
    Joshua Ho
    Joshua Ho
    Joshua Ho linkedin
    Ismail Malik
    Ismail Malik
    Ismail Malik linkedin

    Social media

    Essentia web-siteEssentia RedditEssentia MediumEssentia TelegramEssentia BTCTalkEssentia LinkedInEssentia TwitterEssentia FacebookEssentia Github

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