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To deliver a Layer 1 blockchain, interoperating tools & decentralized services optimized for the Open Metaverse –– providing communities with infrastructure, not gatekeepers, to build a more immersive internet.


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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
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What is LAMINA1

Lamina1 is a Layer1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse. The brainchild of legendary futurist Neal Stephenson (who first conceptualized the term “Metaverse” in his 1992 best-selling novel Snow Crash) and Peter Vessenes, a foundational leader in the crypto space from the early days of Bitcoin – Lamina1 is on a mission to deliver the blockchain technology, interoperating tools, and decentralized services that will establish it as the preferred destination for creators building a more immersive Internet. It is the first provably carbon-negative blockchain in the world.

The Metaverse represents the evolution of our lives online –– graduation to rich 2D and 3D worlds in which we fluidly create, explore, socialize and transact. As we usher in this bold new era of content creation and participation, we must revisit the centralized business models of Web2 to empower creators and consumers with greater agency, ownership and privacy. A creative community that is free to innovate and transact will give rise to a thriving economy. Lamina1 delivers critical infrastructure to enable the trillion-dollar economy of the Open Metaverse.

Lamina1 approaches the Open Metaverse with a multi-pronged approach:

  • Layer 1 Blockchain
  • Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS)
  • Community Economic Participation and Incentives
  • Original Content


Registration year: 2022

LAMINA1 Roadmap

September 2022

V1 Litepaper Release

October 2022

Engine/web SDK & Wallet Alphas

November 2022


December 2022

Browser MVPAlpha
EVM + a
Initial Studio Demos

January 2023

Engine/web SDK & wallet Betas
Blockchain Recompose

Q1 2023

Original Game Pre-Production Begins
MaaS MVPAlpha

Q2/3 2023

Studio Launches

Project team

Peter Vessenes
Peter Vessenes
Co-Founder — CEO
Peter Vessenes linkedin
Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson
Co-Founder — Chairman
Neal Stephenson twitter
Rebecca Barkin
Rebecca Barkin
Rebecca Barkin linkedin
Tony Parisi
Tony Parisi
Chief Product Officer
Tony Parisi linkedin
Will Carter
Will Carter
Chief Technology Officer
Karen Laur
Karen Laur
VP Creative/Spatial
Karen Laur linkedin
Jamil Moledina
Jamil Moledina
VP of Game Partnerships/Media
Jamil Moledina linkedin
Geraldine Pamphile
Geraldine Pamphile
Chief Business Officer
Casey Halter
Casey Halter
Director of Content Strategy
Tania Mahan
Tania Mahan
Senior Director of Events & Experiential Marketing
Gordon Mattey
Gordon Mattey
Product & Technology
Gordon Mattey linkedin
Margo Spiritus
Margo Spiritus
Margo Spiritus linkedin
Jordan Satta
Jordan Satta
Jordan Satta linkedin


Rony Abovitz
Rony Abovitz
CEO, Sun and Thunder
Rony Abovitz linkedin
Mark Long
Mark Long
CEO of Neon Media
Mark Long linkedin
Jessica Toon
Jessica Toon
Exec Dir. GRAMMYs
Jessica Toon linkedin

Social media

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