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Fanzee is a fan engagement platform designed to help sports and entertainment organisations meaningfully connect with their fans through immersive gamification experiences.

Pre Seed $2M

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States

What is Fanzee

Fanzee is developing a platform to increase engagement among sports fans with their favorite professional sports teams through gamified mechanics, tokens, and NFTs.

The project is now partnering with sports clubs, leagues, cyber sports teams, sports influencers to allow fans to connect more closely with their favorite teams.

Fanzee employs a number of advanced gamification mechanics that tap into blockchain technology as an effective tool in transforming fan loyalty in sports. The startup’s arsenal includes digital collectibles, rewards-based quizzes, fantasy management games, Fanz Leaderboard (club and global), club tokens, and NFT tickets.

The goal of the project is to become the main Web3 tool for sports clubs to interact with their fans.


IDO (TONStarter Launchpad): Oct 10, 2022 - Oct 12, 2022
Token supply: 2,100,000,000 FNZ
Total tokens for sale: 10,000,000 FNZ
Raised: 2,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: TON
Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, Harjumaa 15551, EE

Token info

Ticker: FNZ
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 FNZ = 0,02 USD
Accepted currencies: TON
Token distribution:
Public Sale (IDO) - 1,0%
Preesale (Syndicates) - 1,2%
Seed (VC & Angels) - 14,3%
Strategic Funds - 11,9%
Community & Treasury - 20,1%
Team & Advisors - 20,0%
Marketing & Incentives - 19,0%
Liquidity pool - 12,5%

Fanzee Roadmap

Q3 2022
  • Platform beta launch
  • First 10 partners onboarded
  • Internal payment and governance tokens launched
  • Custom experiences for partners’s fan base activated (custom domains, colors etc)
  • Custom club tokens engine beta launch
  • IDO/DEX listings
Q4 2022
  • CEX listings
  • Authorization via TONKeeper and otherTON/crypto wallets
  • Launch of additional gamification mechanicsand first mini-games
Q1 2023
  • PvP gamificationmechanics launch
  • Guilds launch
  • Marketplace launch
  • Staking & Farming launch
Q1 2023
  • Fantasy style team/player games launch
  • Launch of UGC content
  • Beta launch of platform for 3rd party mini-game developers
  • NFT tickets engine launch

Project team

Ajay Jojo
Ajay Jojo
Ajay Jojo linkedin
Anthony Bryantsev
Anthony Bryantsev
Anthony Bryantsev linkedin
Serge Suchkov
Serge Suchkov
Serge Suchkov linkedin
Nickolas Schitierre
Nickolas Schitierre
Nickolas Schitierre linkedin
Roman Mun
Roman Mun
Creative Producer
Roman Mun linkedin
il' faraow
il' faraow
il' faraow linkedin
Sergey Lepesev
Sergey Lepesev
Architect, head of blockchain technologies
Sergey Lepesev linkedin
Aleksei Samarskii
Aleksei Samarskii
NET Developer
Aleksei Samarskii linkedin
Kris Karel
Kris Karel
Kris Karel linkedin
Alex Burduja
Alex Burduja
Business Development and Research
Alex Burduja linkedin
Max Stsiapanchuk
Max Stsiapanchuk
UI/UX Designer
Max Stsiapanchuk linkedin
Konstantin Demianenko
Konstantin Demianenko
Back End Developer
Konstantin Demianenko linkedin
Egor Shchukin
Egor Shchukin
iOS Developer
Egor Shchukin linkedin


Coco Zheng
Coco Zheng
trategic advisor
Coco Zheng linkedin

Social media

Fanzee web-siteFanzee TelegramFanzee InstagramFanzee LinkedInFanzee X (Twitter)



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