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Chats & Messages service for NEAR Blockchain: direct messages, channels, public and private chats.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform
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What is ChatMe

ChatMe is all-in-one solution: direct messages, public and private chats, broadcasting channels for NEAR blockchain. The main idea is to provide our features for any project in the NEAR ecosystem, build decentralised messenger (anyone can call our smart-contract to send messages, create and manage communities etc.) and combine all chats and conversations in one place - our web application.

  • Direct Messages. Send direct messages or media files to any NEAR account. You direct conversation can be encrypted by enabling "Private Mode".
  • Public/Private Chats. Create group chats and distribute messages for everyone in your community or internal group. Only group members can write messages.
  • Public Channels. Broadcast your messages to general public audience and extend your community. ChatMe website have a list of all public channels where anyone can join your community.
  • Spam Protection. We have multiple rules that protect our community from spam or malicious messages on smart-contract level.
  • Encryption Mode. Write encrypted private message to any account: all your messages will be decoded only for recipient account. We use local private/public keys on each device that can be exported and imported for message encoding.
  • Fast & Cheap. Based on NEAR blockchain we create fast and cheap service: you pay less than 1 cent to send any message that will be delivered in few seconds.
  • NEAR Social integration. Social profiles provide more information about all registered NEAR Accounts.
  • Simple Integration. Use ChatMe in your project to get all benefits in your application. Check use cases and read documentation for more details about integration.


Blockchain Platform: NEAR

ChatMe Roadmap

Q4 2022
  • Develop main functionality: direct messages, public/private groups, broadcast channels.
  • Private messages mode.
  • Send NEAR tokens with message.
  • Integrate NEAR Social profiles.
  • Spam control of malicious messages.
  • List of all public groups & channels.
  • Complete project documentation.
  • Develop chat/channel widget.
  • Testing on NEAR testnet.
  • Launch on NEAR mainnet.
  • Partnership and share abilities with NEAR projects.
Q1 2023
  • Start marketing campaign.
  • Widget for direct messages.
  • Widget for list of user chats.
  • Technical optimisations.
Q2-Q3 2023
  • Ability to send any token in NEAR ecosystem.
  • Email notifications about new messages.
  • Launch native application for iOS and Android.

Project team

CEO & Developer
Vlodkow twitter
Co-founder & Developer
Content writer
Social Media Manager & QA

Social media

ChatMe web-siteChatMe TelegramChatMe X (Twitter)ChatMe DiscordChatMe Github

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