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Agora Network (AGORA)

Agora Network is a Web3 social eco-network built on Ethernet Layer2 network.

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks / Social Network & Communication / Layer-2
Product typeEcosystem
WhitepaperAgora Network White Paper Open

What is Agora Network

Agora Network aims to blockchain and artificial intelligence(AI) to build a decentralized social infrastructure that gives developers and users the freedom to build social apps and create value across a variety of application social networks. This is particularly interesting as we will be launching SocialFi apps where social is transformed into financial rewards, and going forward, as we build the ecosystem, we are focusing on the convergence of Web3 and AI to create an open source infrastructure.

Through the Agora DID protocol and the Agora Social Graph Network protocol, users are in control of their own social data, which can be sold through data trading platforms to AI models for training in return. Social data is valuable, we aim to disrupt the centralized monopoly, Agora Layer2 is the infrastructure of the Web3 social network, and the value layer network.


Token supply: 8,000,000,000 AGORA


Blockchain Platform: Optimism
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: AGORA
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20

Agora Network Roadmap

2023 Q3-Q4
  • Develop Agora Network goals and curricula;
  • Complete feasibility study and market research for the project.
2024 Q1
  • Agora Chain Singapore and Cayman Islands Foundation established;
  • Agora DAO Governance Committee established;
  • Agora Network official website launched;
  • Genesis NFT engine is released and minting begins.
2024 Q2
  • Agora Network undergoes build development;
  • Web3-based smart social application development;
  • NFT trading platform;
  • $AGORA goes live on the exchange.
2024 Q3
  • Web3-based smart social apps internal testing
  • Agora social app pilot
2024 Q4
  • Web3-based smart social app goes live;
  • Social game development;
  • More mainstream exchanges launched.
2025 Q1-Q3
  • Innovative SociaFi aggregation design system released;
  • Social games officially launched.
2025 Q4
  • Metaverse socialization in-test;
  • Continuous ecological development and construction.
2026 Q4
  • Metaverse VR mode goes online;
  • Metaverse socialization officially launched;
  • Continuous ecological development and construction.

Social media

Agora Network web-siteAgora Network MediumAgora NetworkYouTubeAgora Network TelegramAgora Network X (Twitter)Agora Network FacebookAgora Network Github



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