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PembRock (PEM)

Ongoing IDO
Token sale: May 16, 2022 – May 31, 2022

PembRock Finance is the first leveraged yield farming application on NEAR Protocol. Benefit from greater liquidity for larger yields — all on the NEAR blockchain!

PembRock IDO Announcement

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi

What is PembRock

PEM is the native token that helps PembRock Finance to function. It is used: To stake within the PembRock Finance ecosystem — with rewards paid out in PEM. As a part of our reward mechanism for interacting with our protocol. As an additional bonus for those who provide funds to our liquidity pools. For DAO participation — users can stake PEM to receive xPEM, our governance token.

Greater Profits Unlocked. Boost your portfolio — leveraged yield farming gives participants the opportunity to increase their stake with borrowed funds and maximize their profits. Managed by Community. Our community is in the driver's seat of PembRock Finance's development and evolution. Supported by Near Foundation. PembRock Finance has been created with the support of the NEAR Foundation, which delivers grants to developers wishing to expand the NEAR ecosystem with new financial tools.


IDO (SmartPad Launchpad): May 16, 2022 - May 31, 2022
Token supply: 160,000,000 PEM
Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 8,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: NEAR
Registration country: Ukraine
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: PEM
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token price in USD: 1 PEM = 0.1 USD
Token distribution:
DAO Balance for future projects - 40%
IDO - 5%
Community Treasury - 15%
Long term investors - 16.25%
PembRock Labs Incentives - 12.5%
LP incentivization program - 7.5%
Early PEM contributors & NEAR Ecosystem - 2.25%
Initial LP on - 1.5%

PembRock Roadmap

Milestone 1
  • Research of
  • Development of crypto-economics
  • System token
Milestone 2
  • Contract architecture
  • Vesting contract
  • Ref. finance integration
  • Landing page development
Milestone 3
  • Application simple front-end
  • Borrow/lending mechanics
  • Basic yield farming
  • Liquidating positions
Milestone 4
  • Reinvest mechanics
  • Final leveraged yield farming
  • Front design with all functionality
  • Deployment of smart contracts to the testnet
  • Creation of PEM-NEAR liquidity pool
Milestone 5
  • Audit of smart contracts
  • Last changes to crypto-economics
  • Deployment to the mainnet

Project team

Igor Stadnyk
Igor Stadnyk
Founder and CEO
Vitalii Dmytrenko
Vitalii Dmytrenko
Oleksandr Molotsylo
Oleksandr Molotsylo
Lead Web Developer
Ivan Skrypachov
Ivan Skrypachov
Project Driver
Vladyslav Kindra
Vladyslav Kindra
Interface Creator
Sofia Pidturkina
Sofia Pidturkina
Public Relations Specialist
Dmytro Samoilov
Dmytro Samoilov
Project Driver
Dmytro Samoilov linkedin
Oleksii Kuznietsov
Oleksii Kuznietsov
Blockchain Engineer
Vladyslav Svinkin
Vladyslav Svinkin
Blockchain Engineer
Volodymyr Udovychenko
Volodymyr Udovychenko
Web Developer
Vitalii Melnychenko
Vitalii Melnychenko
Web Developer
Ivan Kharchenko
Ivan Kharchenko
Web Developer

Social media

PembRock web-sitePembRock MediumPembRock TelegramPembRock LinkedInPembRock Twitter

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