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Ongoing ICO
Feb 16, 2019 – Jul 31, 2019

FortFC is a liquidity provider for the cryptocurrency trading.

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Project industry Trading & Investing
Product type Platform


FortFC provides smooth deep liquidity at the current market price for the three main segments of the cryptocurrency market, which account for 90% of all transactions:

  • Exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat through exchanges with physical delivery
  • Exchanging one cryptocurrency for another
  • Crypto brokerage (margin trading in cryptocurrency)
  • To ensure high-quality and continuous operations, partner agreements will be established with large cryptocurrency exchanges, which will act as the main source of liquidity for FortFC customers and will provide FortFC customers with even more favorable trading conditions.

    In the future, as the pool of liquidity increases and new cryptocurrency exchanges are connected, the need for third-party aggregators will disappear and FortFC will concentrate on effectively managing its own netto position using the available liquidity depth from the exchanges that are already connected.

    FortFC customers will be able to use two methods of trading simultaneously using one trading terminal:

  • A trader can trade instantly and at the best price out of all the liquidity sources that FortFC aggregates. This method is great for those who just want to trade under the best conditions of the company and not be distracted by analyzing prices from various crypto exchanges.
  • The second method is more suitable for those with experience in the market. FortFC will broadcast unabridged quotes for available contracts separately, from each of the connected exchanges. Thus, the client can benefit from the difference in prices on different exchanges with the help of FortFC. For example, they can buy Bitcoin for Ethereum on crypto exchange A and immediately sell it on crypto exchange B. FortFC will ensure these trading operations by its own predepositing funds on connected exchanges and conduct the appropriate transactions between trading platforms.
  • Who is in need of the services provided by FortFC?

  • Crypto exchanges
  • Crypto brokers
  • Crypto banks
  • Stockbrokers offering clients margin trading in cryptocurrencies
  • Direct Market Access (DMA) brokers
  • FOREX brokers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Exchangers
  • Online services that accept payments in cryptocurrencies
  • Private traders
  • ICO Details

    ICO token supply: 300,000,000 FORTFC
    Total tokens for sale: 231,000,000 FORTFC
    Soft cap: 2,000,000 EUR
    Hard cap: 25,000,000 EUR


    ICO Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Guyana, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Syria, Uganda, United States of America, Vanuatu, Yemen
    Registration country: Marshall Islands
    Registration year: 2012

    Token info

    Ticker: FORTFC
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 FFCT = 0.23 USD
    Token price in EUR: 1 FFCT = 0.2 EUR
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XRP, BCH, DASH, EUR, USD
    Bonus program:
    Pre-ICO: 50% bonus
    1 ICO: 40% bonus
    2 ICO: 30% bonus
    3 ICO: 20% bonus
    4 ICO: 10% bonus
    5 ICO: 0% bonus
    Token distribution:
    70% - PRE-ICO, ICO
    10% - Reserve
    7%-  Strategic and early-stage investors (private sales)
    5% - Team
    3% - Bounty
    3% - Referral program
    2% - Advisers

    FortFC ICO Roadmap

    Q3 2018

    Private Sale start.
    AirDrop and Referral Program start.
    Preparing the documents for applying FSA license. Aggregation Engine prototyping .
    Two crypto exchanges integration.
    MetaTrader Server integration .

    Q4 2018

    Pre-ICO start.
    Bounty start.
    Project listing in 200 rating agencies.
    Listings and Partnership with 5 exchanges of the third-tier .
    Aggregation Engine development in C++ (basic functionality).
    Setting up the production infrastructure .
    Aggregation Engine testing .

    Q1 2019

    ICO start.
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the second-tier.
    Application for MFSA license.
    REST API development.
    FIX API Server development (basic functionality).
    REST API and FIX API documents preparation.

    Q2 2019

    Preliminary project report publishing.
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the second-tier.
    Application for MFSA license.
    Roadshows in 7 cities in Asia.
    Designing website and Personal cabinet.
    Payment systems integration.
    Price charts adding in Personal area.
    Trading transactions via Personal area.

    Q3 2019

    End of ICO.
    Depositing to 10 exchanges of the second-tier.
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the second-tier.Developing and testing the connectors for the rest of exchanges.
    Expanding the administrative interface, KYC.
    Partnership program realization.

    Q4 2019

    Depositing to 5 exchanges of the second-tier.
    Partnership with 5 exchanges of the first-tier.
    Preparing the documents in order to apply for ASIC license.
    Roadshows in 10 cities in Europe.
    Aggregation Engine development in C++ (extended functionality).
    FIX API Server (extended functionality).
    Expanding of monitoring functionality .
    Load-testing, primary processes optimization .

    Q1 2019

    2019 annual report.
    Depositing to 5 exchanges of the first-tier.
    Beta-version has 2,000 active clients.
    Application for MFSA license. Establishing the office in Malta.
    Adding new cryptocurrencies and tokens.
    White Label development.
    Public testing of fully functional service.
    End of the product testing.

    Project team

    Marketing Manager in FortFC ICO - 1
    Roman Korotkov
    Marketing Manager
    Graphic Designer in FortFC ICO - 2
    Anna Timokhova
    Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer in FortFC ICO - 3
    Ilya Potapov
    Graphic Designer
    Senior Compliance Manager in FortFC ICO - 4
    Artem Pozdnyakov
    Senior Compliance Manager
    Senior Financial Manager in FortFC ICO - 5
    Sergey Matalasov
    Senior Financial Manager
    Senior Support Manager in FortFC ICO - 6
    Valentine Sysoev
    Senior Support Manager
    Support Manager in FortFC ICO - 7
    Sergei Rybalkin
    Support Manager
    Support Manager in FortFC ICO - 8
    Evgenii Smirnov
    Support Manager
    Senior PHP Developer in FortFC ICO - 9
    Alexander Molchanov
    Senior PHP Developer
    Senior PHP Developer in FortFC ICO - 10
    Vladislav Seletskiy
    Senior PHP Developer
    Senior C++ Developer in FortFC ICO - 11
    Nikita Polishuk
    Senior C++ Developer
    Senior Security Engineer in FortFC ICO - 12
    Jan Lebedev
    Senior Security Engineer
    Senior Operating Manager in FortFC ICO - 13
    Sergey Solomatov
    Senior Operating Manager
    Senior Dealing Engineer in FortFC ICO - 14
    Ivan Gribko
    Senior Dealing Engineer
    Senior Digital Creative in FortFC ICO - 15
    Christina Tkachenko
    Senior Digital Creative
    Brand Manager in FortFC ICO - 16
    Natalia Novikova
    Brand Manager
    Key Account Manager, Asia in FortFC ICO - 17
    Konstantin Kovrizhnykh
    Key Account Manager, Asia
    Social Media Marketing, China and Taiwan in FortFC ICO - 18
    Simon Liu
    Social Media Marketing, China and Taiwan
    Social Media Marketing, Vietnam in FortFC ICO - 19
    Myhang Nguyen
    Social Media Marketing, Vietnam
    Social Media Marketing, Indonesia in FortFC ICO - 20
    Kurnia Hardiansyah
    Social Media Marketing, Indonesia
    Social Media Marketing, Malaysia in FortFC ICO - 21
    Mohd Shafie Bin Moh Saleh
    Social Media Marketing, Malaysia
    Social Media Marketing, South America in FortFC ICO - 22
    Marietta Prado Ruiz
    Social Media Marketing, South America
    Director Institutional Sales, Asia in FortFC ICO - 23
    Angpao Prasitthisuphaporn
    Director Institutional Sales, Asia
    Alexey Grishatkin in FortFC ICO - 24
    Alexey Grishatkin
    Alexey Grishatkin
    Chief Executive Officer in FortFC ICO - 25
    Evgeniy Filichkin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Financial Officer in FortFC ICO - 26
    Natalia Kriachkova
    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Operating Officer in FortFC ICO - 27
    Oleg Nazarov
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Information Officer in FortFC ICO - 28
    Anton Stavinsky
    Chief Information Officer
    Senior Partnership Development Manager in FortFC ICO - 29
    Qing Li
    Senior Partnership Development Manager
    Key Account Manager MENa
 in FortFC ICO - 30
    Hassan Mallah
    Key Account Manager MENa
    Sales Manager MENA in FortFC ICO - 31
    Gaspar Markosyan
    Sales Manager MENA
    Key Account Manager EU in FortFC ICO - 32
    Artem Bogdanov
    Key Account Manager EU


    ICObench Expert, ICO STO Advisor in FortFC ICO - 33
    Giacomo Arcaro
    ICObench Expert, ICO STO Advisor
    ICOBench Expert & Growth Hacker in FortFC ICO - 34
    Giovanni Casagrande
    ICOBench Expert & Growth Hacker
    Legal consultant in FortFC ICO - 35
    Andrey Didenko
    Legal consultant

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github



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