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Fusionist is a blockchain-based gaming company that currently offers three games featuring collectible NFTs. Focused on delivering the most scalable and sustainable next-generation Web3 games for players all around the world.

Seed Round: $6.6 Million

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform

What is Fusionist

Fusionist is a game universe with collectable NFTs comprised of 3 types of gameplay, these are

  • Game 1: Colonize (build simulation)
  • Game 2: Conquer (turn-based tactics)
  • Game 3: Unite (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate)

Players will assume the role of Mech Commanders, run their own planet(s), collect rare resources, upgrade technology, scan blueprints to manufacture Mechs, and build production pipelines. Fight though PvP and PvE battles, build starship fleets for inter-planetary warfare, and to conquer the galaxy.

The “Galactic Marketplace” in Fusionist is a marketplace for commanders to trade in-game items. Commanders could obtain in-game tokens from the exchange, or they could spend tokens in the exchange for materials to upgrade their Mechs etc.


Raised: 6,600,000 USD

Fusionist Roadmap

2022 Q1
  • MVP
  • Fundraising
2022 Q2-Q3
  • Production level of Art Workflow and standard establishment
  • Product Framework establishment - tech side
  • Core Game Related design documents
  • Research of web3 tech required
  • Mass production - ART assets of Game 1 and Game 2
  • Game 1 & Game 2 core gameplay mechanism refinement, 50% finish
2022 Q4
  • Game 1 & Game 2 in production, keep polishing
  • Community growth with Alpha Prestige campaign
  • Build our own BSC mainnet - Endurance
  • Built BOAT - Bound on-chain achievement token systems
  • Built $ACE related systems to encourage user activity & incentives
  • Transfer our user on chain – Endurance
2023 Q1
  • Grow the community even more with Endurance + BOAT + $ACE setup
  • Become MVB on BNB chain with excellent number of on-chain data
  • Enhance Endurance to Phase 2, with more social features
  • Polishing the Game2 into production level
  • Beta-Testing with Game 2
2023 Q2
  • First batch of Planets sale - the access NFT of Fusionist
  • Alpha Testing with Game 1 & Game 2 all together
  • Listing preparation, $TFO - Gov Token of Fusionist
2023 Q3
  • Official Launch of Game 1 & Game 2
  • Esports tournaments for Game 2 begin, with a large prize pool derived from a combination of game revenue and |in-game reward allocation| of $TFO.
  • More content to be created along the way of live operation Game 1 and Game 2
  • Game 3 in production

Project team

Ike T.
Ike T.
Ike T. linkedin
Charles D.
Charles D.
Daniel Fang
Daniel Fang
Daniel Fang linkedin

Social media

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