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Governor DAO (GDAO)

Serving as a provider of Governance as a Service (GaaS) to DAOs, we aim to set the standard for decentralized governance & biometric voting on the blockchain.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeDeFi
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperGovernor DAO White Paper Open

What is Governor DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have the potential to represent massively diverse and profitable organizations. This potential is a legitimate disruptor to the traditional framework of businesses and legacy enterprises. However, existing DAOs across the spectrum, primarily due to errors in design and implementation, have predominantly failed to realize this massive potential. From inception, Governor DAO is designed to overcome these obstacles and, in doing so, behave as the quintessential governance model for other DAOs and institutions to emulate.


Token supply: 2,703,932 GDAO


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2020
Office address: 313 Grand Blvd Venice CA

Token info

Ticker: GDAO
Token standard: ERC20

Governor DAO Roadmap

2020 Q4
  • Rugpull Snapshot
  • Liquidity Generation Event
  • Consulting Work (Ongoing)
  • Airdrop Begins (12/15)
  • LP Swap for LGE Participants (12/21)
  • GDAO Staking Mines (12/22)
  • Treasury Creation and Snapshot Signal Voting (12/22)
2021 Q1
  • GDAO Staking
  • Gleam Campaign Launch
  • GDAO added to Vision APP
  • Ocean Grant Awarded
  • Listing
  • DefiLlama Listing
  • First DeFi Friday
  • 100% Airdrop Claim Available
  • Partnership with Finnovant
  • Meeting With Crypto Legislator from Wyoming
  • Unclaimed Airdrop Rewards concluded
  • Governor DAO YouTube & Theta Content Creation
  • Governor’s Code of Ethics established
  • Airdrop Ended
2021 Q2
  • Formalize Business Development Operations
  • Launch of Proof of Existence Token on Test Net
  • Establishment of Governance-as-a-Service
  • Engagement with United States Legislators
  • Staking Mines Closed
  • Meeting with Kansas Legislators & State Representatives.
  • Promotion of New Wallet With Affiliated Tech
  • Campaigns & Promotion of Proof of Existence Token
  • Liquidity Pools Extended through Geyser
2021 Q3
  • Investment into and Acquisition of DeFi Platforms
  • Gleam Proof of Existence campaign
  • SEO Campaign Launched
  • All-in-One Mobile Application for all GDAO Affairs
  • Data Verification and Hosting for Third Party Providers
  • Transition to 100% DAO Ownership
  • Launch Governance 2.0 Vault
  • Formation of DAOs around the Governor Ecosystem
  • Exploration of Additional Governance Improvements
2021 Q4
  • Development of Proof of Existence Governance Concepts.
  • Push partnerships and data aggregation avenues
  • Sub Dao Development & Real World Application
  • Privacy & Data Node Exploration.
  • Legislation Pushed Around VeriTech.

Project team

Zane Huffman
Zane Huffman
Chief Finance Officer & Solidity Engineer
Zane Huffman linkedin
Michael Side
Michael Side
Internal Communications Lead & Project Manager
Jon Greenwood
Jon Greenwood
Head of Communications & Community Liaison
Jon Greenwood linkedin
FrontEnd Solidity Developer
Cody Dyer
Cody Dyer
Head of Business Development & Chief Data Scientist
Cody Dyer linkedin
Justin Sikes
Justin Sikes
Lead Graphic Designer
Lead FrontEnd Developer

Social media

Governor DAO web-siteGovernor DAO MediumGovernor DAO TelegramGovernor DAO LinkedInGovernor DAO X (Twitter)Governor DAO DiscordGovernor DAO Github



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