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The token GRN (GRN is pronounced Green) and the sustainable blockchain GRN Grid was introduced at the initiative of GRNBi B.V. to tackle the environmental polluting problems.

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Project industryEcology
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperGRN GRID White Paper Open

What is GRN GRID

The project is a Dutch initiative by GRNBi B.V. (WWW.GRNBI.COM) to tackle environmental polluting problems as a result of the current Blockchain industry and technology.

GRN (G) is the native token of GRN GRID and serves multiple use cases, including staking, fee payments and validator incentives. GRN GRID actively supports decentralization and safety due to its unique Proof of Stake v2 (POS2) algorithm.

GRN GRID is an energy-efficient smartchain with high performance and low costs.

In addition to sustainability, GRN GRID also includes several important features such as an integrated payment and escrow system, swapping pools and encrypted chat between users.

Grid’s objective is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in blockchain technology and to provide every company and person with the opportunity to “go green” as soon as WEB3.0 is universally embraced. Additionally, the progressive distribution of GRN for validation supports sustainable development and discourages wealth buildup. These characteristics position GRN as a viable alternative to existing (de)centralized technology.


IEO (BitMart Launchpad): Jun 17, 2022 - Jun 21, 2022
IEO (Latoken Launchpad): May 10, 2022 - May 21, 2022
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 GRN


Registration country: Netherlands
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Schepenen 9, 8232DB, Lelystad, FLevoland 8232DB, NL
Bouwerij 102, Amstelveen, North Holland 1185 XX, NL

Token info

Ticker: GRN
Token price in USD: 1 GRN = 0.18 USD
Token distribution:
Community fund - 50%
Early Birds and Private sale - 10%
Charity - 3%
Liquidity - 5%
Marketing - 7%
Company reserves - 10%
Product / Tech growth - 8%
Partners - 7%

GRN GRID Roadmap

Q1 of 2022

Early Birds stage & pre sales

Q2 of 2022

Listing CEX and DEX Establish GRN Association

Q4 of 2022

Launch off\grid

Q1 of 2023

Launch Grid

Q3 of 2022

Expanding GRN team & partners

Project team

Harvey Blom
Harvey Blom
Harvey Blom linkedin
John de Vroede
John de Vroede
John de Vroede linkedin
Charles Ruffolo
Charles Ruffolo
Senior Partner
Charles Ruffolo linkedin
Frederik Vyncke
Frederik Vyncke
Frederik Vyncke linkedin
Darren de Vroede
Darren de Vroede
Darren de Vroede linkedin
Mattheus Patty
Mattheus Patty
Mattheus Patty linkedin
Dionne maasman
Dionne maasman
Executive assistant
Dionne maasman linkedin

Social media

GRN GRID web-siteGRN GRIDYouTubeGRN GRID TelegramGRN GRID LinkedInGRN GRID X (Twitter)GRN GRID Discord

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