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Coorest is a blockchain-based carbon compensation solution that provides a new certified carbon standard based on satellite monitoring, smart contracts, and Chainlink oracles. It eliminates intermediaries and ensures all NFTrees and CO2 tokens are backed by carbon captured from a verified and immutable source. Coorest’s carbon compensation method has been certified by an official United Nations carbon auditor, and we offer free onboarding for green projects/farmers worldwide.

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Project industryEcology
Product typeOrganization
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What is Coorest

Coorest introduces a new carbon standard and a platform based on blockchain technology to cut out the middleman allows for easy and transparent access to carbon compensation.

The certified Coorest Carbon Standard focuses on newly planted trees (additionality) only and allows the onboarding of farmers and green projects globally enabling them to generate and monetize their carbon sequestration efforts. All projects are monitored via satellite data to warrant the continuity and transparency of carbon sequestration efforts.

The Coorest carbon ecosystem has four tokens; NFTrees, CO2 token ($CCO2), Proof of Carbon Compensation certificate (NFT), and a governance token ($CRST). Through the tokenization of trees, absorbed CO2 and the claim on carbon compensation, the problem of double counting of compensated carbon emissions is avoided. Via the Coorest platform, retail, companies, and institutions can easily compensate for their carbon footprint while having maximum transparency.

Coorest introduces two types of NFTrees that are linked to either fruit-bearing or regular trees. Holders of these Coorest NFTrees, trees planted and owned by Coorest, accumulate CO2 tokens for generating PoCC certificates. Once the fruit-bearing trees are planted and mature enough to produce fruit, the NFTree holder has the right to that fruit’s profit, therefore, generating an additional yield. The combination of revenue through the sales of CO2 tokens and yield-bearing possibilities associated with a tree ensures voluntary markets continue to drive finance to catalyze and generate additional emission reductions and removals.

To ensure the permanence of captured carbon, Coorest collaborates with Etherisc to develop a natural disaster insurance product for NFTrees and CO2 tokens. Lost trees and released CO2 can be recovered through replanting minimizing negative effects on the backing of CO2 tokens.

The Coorest Platform seeks to democratize platform governance. This is accomplished through the use of $CRST tokens. By holding $CRST people get decision power according to their allocation within the $CRST staking pool. Hence, participation in the DAO will allow users to vote on changes to a token’s protocol. Governance token holders will be able to influence decisions regarding further development of the platform and ecosystem, which will lead to a higher engagement and legitimacy of the decision-making and result in a more collaborative governance process.


IEO (p2pb2b Launchpad): May 31, 2023 - Jun 04, 2023
IDO (Gempad Launchpad): May 31, 2023 - Jun 09, 2023
Token supply: 50,000,000 CRST
Raised: 500,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: CRST
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 CRST = 0.5 USDT
Token distribution:
Coorest Affiliate Program - 25%
Founders - 19%
Liquidity Provider - 15%
Team, Advisors & Partners - 13%
Initial Dex Offering | Public Sale - 10%
Reserve treasury - 10%
Chainlink - 5%
Private Sale - 3%

Coorest Roadmap

Q4 2021

Trees minted as NFTs on Polygon

Trees up for sale on Venly & Vulcan

Q1 2022

First batch sold out & Coorest land acquired

Coorest 1st land bought

Website redesigned

Q2 2022

Planting first batch

Q3 2022

Integration of the Satelite Data provided by Chainlink

Coorest Carbon Standard certified

CCS registry live

Starting to Onboard Farmers

Coorest DApp on Mainnet

Coorest CCO2 Token Deployed

Q1 2023

POC Insurance product

Revamp Website

Onboard additional green projects / farmers

Planting Batch 2

Q2 2023

Fiat on-ramp for PoCC

CO2 token payment integration

New partner


dMRV 2.0 R&D

Seed fund raising

Q3 2023

Coorest affiliate program

CRST staking program

CO2 LP farming campaign

Subscription Model for CO2 Compensation

Q4 2023

dMRV 2.0

Q1 2024

DCF (Decentralized CCO2 token futures)

Project team

Nick Zwaneveld
Nick Zwaneveld
Nick Zwaneveld linkedin
Diana Taborda
Diana Taborda
Diana Taborda linkedin
Alejandro Gutman
Alejandro Gutman
Alejandro Gutman linkedin
Carmen Pérez Serrano
Carmen Pérez Serrano
Corporate Lawyer
Carmen Pérez Serrano linkedin
Dhia Mnasser
Dhia Mnasser
Blockchain Developer
Dhia Mnasser linkedin
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima
Marketing Manager
Sabrina Lima linkedin
Nihat Gocmen
Nihat Gocmen
Graphic Designer
Nihat Gocmen linkedin
İpek Öztürk
İpek Öztürk
İpek Öztürk linkedin
Claudiu Marin
Claudiu Marin
Product Designer
Claudiu Marin linkedin
Hassen Ben Abid
Hassen Ben Abid
DApp Developer
Hassen Ben Abid linkedin
Pierre Asathal
Pierre Asathal
DApp Developer
Pierre Asathal linkedin


Gerald Iakobinyi-Pich
Gerald Iakobinyi-Pich
Tehnical Advisor
Gerald Iakobinyi-Pich linkedin

Social media

Coorest web-siteCoorest RedditCoorest MediumCoorestYouTubeCoorest TelegramCoorest InstagramCoorest LinkedInCoorest TwitterCoorest DiscordCoorest Github



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