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GUMMYS aims to become the First Watch-and-Earn Live streaming platform for the APAC region where we inject elements of SocialFi and Gamefi. It is not only super fun but rewarding as well as fans get to earn while watching and engaging with content creators. GUMMYS platform demands no email sign-ups or logins using the personal details of its users. Content creators can choose different media formats: POPS (5-second videos), Standard videos, Live Stream without switching to other platforms.

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Project industryMedia
Product typePlatform
FoundedSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
WhitepaperGummys White Paper Open

Technical details

Users can login with wallets and link content to their wallets, all content is safely stored on IPFS and even live-streaming is using a decentralized network (Livepeer).

What is Gummys

  • Super Easy and Engaging GUMMYS platform is the most rewarding WEB3 live streaming platform that demands no email sign-ups or logins using the personal details of its users. To sign up and interact on the blockchain-powered platform is simple, just use the public address of your wallet.
  • Game-changing engagement Content creators can choose 3 media formats:
    • POPS (5-second videos)
    • Standard videos
    • Live Stream

    This makes it easier to create different types of video content without switching to other different platforms. With live-streaming in-video DROPS, gamers can monetize their content by receiving donations in crypto, drop tokens, NFTs, and collectibles. Fans can earn, win and purchase items in the video seamlessly. POPS (Shorts) is another important type of video content that is appealing to more and more netizens. Short, vertical videos created using a smartphone can be uploaded directly to our platform and will bring more engagement that will help content creators reach a wider audience.

  • Community driven Our mission is to build a decentralized social media platform for billions of users. We provide Spaces where people can gather to learn more about Web3 and make connections.
  • Freedom GUMMYS team is proud to provide users with an easy way to create, share content, and interact with their communities and fans. Content creators and steamers can now earn more revenue and own the content 100% unlike on other platforms.


Pre-sales: Jan 16, 2023 - Mar 01, 2023
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 GMY
Total tokens for sale: 300,000,000 GMY
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 2,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Polygon
Registration year: 2022
Office address: 68 Circular Road, #02-01, 049422, Singapore, Singapore, SG

Token info

Ticker: GMY
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: ETH, USDT, BUSD, BNB
Token distribution:
Seed Round - 6%
Private Round - 9%
IDO - 3%
Research - 5%
Partners & Ecosystem - 7%
Team - 15%
Treasury - 9%
Advisors - 5%
Community Presale - 36%
Liquidity & Market Making - 5%

Gummys Roadmap

Q4 2022
  • Mobile Applications
  • Partnerships
  • Team expansion
  • Donation, Tips, Advertisements, Voting System, Advanced Moderation
Q1 2023
  • Alpha Version Live
  • Waitlist
  • Stream-to-Earn Incentives
  • Watch-and-Earn Incentives
  • User levels
  • Fundraising
  • Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) Integration
Near Future
  • Token launch
  • Defi
  • The Protocol
  • Short Videos NFT
  • Beta Version Live

Project team

Pasquale Sorrentino
Pasquale Sorrentino
Co-Founder & CEO
Pasquale Sorrentino linkedin
Eunice Wong
Eunice Wong
Co-Founder & COO
Eunice Wong linkedin
Domas Juodele
Domas Juodele
Domas Juodele linkedin
Yeray Aragones
Yeray Aragones
Growth Hacker
Yeray Aragones linkedin
Hanna Yakimets
Hanna Yakimets
Partnerships Manager
Hanna Yakimets linkedin
Jeff Serrano
Jeff Serrano
Lead Ambassador Program
Menno Kruijt
Menno Kruijt
Business Analyst
Menno Kruijt linkedin
Sergey Pirogov
Sergey Pirogov
Product Manager
Sergey Pirogov linkedin
Alex Chernysh
Alex Chernysh
Mobile Tech Lead
Alex Chernysh linkedin
Dario Buonora
Dario Buonora
Software Engineer
Dario Buonora linkedin
Antonio Liguori
Antonio Liguori
Software Engineer
Antonio Liguori linkedin


Nitin Krishnamurthy
Nitin Krishnamurthy
Growth Advisor
Nitin Krishnamurthy linkedin
Duckie Han
Duckie Han
Ecosystem Growth at Protocol Labs, Filecoin
Duckie Han linkedin
Tejas Chopra
Tejas Chopra
Engineering Leader at Netflix
Tejas Chopra linkedin
Marco Calicchia
Marco Calicchia
Former Director of Sales at CertiK
Marco Calicchia linkedin

Social media

Gummys web-siteGummys MediumGummysYouTubeGummys TelegramGummys LinkedInGummys X (Twitter)Gummys Discord


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