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Artemis Vision (ARV)


Artemis Vision is an online social media marketplace for musicians, creators, and artists to buy, sell, mint, and collect content NFT’s all in one web app.

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Project industryMedia
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperArtemis Vision White Paper Open

What is Artemis Vision

Artemis media platform brings together creators, collectors, fans and influencers. The innovative platform will allow members to create, collect and discover NFTs from around the world.

Our vision includes several dimensions:

  • An NFT creation engine running seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks.
  • A decentralized Social Media content marketplace.

Where creators and collectors interact directly with the ability to monetize ads as well as receive artemis tokens. Creators profiles will allow them to choose what smartchain to utilize for sales and receive contributions from fans.


IDO (NFTPad Launchpad): Nov 29, 2021 - Nov 29, 2021
IDO (SafeLaunch Launchpad): Feb 15, 2022 - Feb 15, 2022
IDO (Infinite Launch): Jan 21, 2022 - Jan 21, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 1,500,000 ARV
Token supply: 10,000,000 ARV
Total tokens for sale: 2,100,000 ARV


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Myanmar, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, The Crimea, and or the United States of America (USA), as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and any other US possessions
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2021
Office address: 3700 O'Donnell St. STE 200 Baltimore MD 21224

Token info

Ticker: ARV
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 ARV = 0,8 USD
Accepted currencies: BUSD
Token distribution:
8% - Seed Stage 1
7% - Seed Stage 2
6% - Public IDO
5% - Market Making
12% - Marketing
12% - Artist Incentives
10% - Exchange Listing
15% - Rewards & Reserve
12% - Team
4% - Advisors
9% - Community Allocation

Artemis Vision Roadmap

Q2 2021
  • Marketing & Social Media Partnership
  • Doxxing Phase one
  • Code Audit By Certik
  • Partnership Announcement
  • PR Press Release
  • Beta Platform Sneak Peak
  • Musicians & Celebrity Sign Ups
  • AMA With Multiple outlets
  • Charity Partnerships
Q3 2021
  • Private Seed 1 Round
  • Private Seed 2 Round
  • ERC 721 Implementation
  • ERC 1155 Implementation
  • NFT Audio Streaming Partners
  • BMI License Registration
  • IDO Platform Partnerships
  • Pr Press Release
Q4 2021
  • Presale IDO Launch
  • Uniswap Listing
  • Artemis Vision PWA Beta v1 Launch
  • NFT Artist Recruiting
  • Artemis Vision New Office space
  • Partnership Announcement
  • Musician NFT Drop Announcement
  • NFT Audio Stream Royalities Integration
Q1 2022
  • Mega Exchange Listing
  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • Coin Geicko Listing
  • Artemis Vision DAO Launch
  • NFT Artist Recruiting
  • Staking Launch
  • Wallet Integration
  • Chainlink Integration
  • Moralis NFT API Integration
  • Livepeer API Integration
Q2 2022
  • SoundCloud API Integration
  • Shopify API Integration
  • NFT Mining Partners
  • Immutable X Layer 2 Integration
  • Road Map Update

Project team

Danny Nunez
Danny Nunez
CEO - Founder
Danny Nunez linkedin
Dean Kim
Dean Kim
President - Founder
Dean Kim linkedin
Michael Gallardo
Michael Gallardo
Community Manager
Michael Gallardo linkedin
Shahzeb Khan
Shahzeb Khan
Block Chain Developer
Shahzeb Khan linkedin
Annamalai V
Annamalai V
Content Creator
Annamalai V linkedin
Favour Olulowo
Favour Olulowo
Full Stack Developer
Favour Olulowo linkedin
Oluwafemi Oyepeju
Oluwafemi Oyepeju
Full Stack Developer
Oluwafemi Oyepeju linkedin


Ilia Maksimenka
Ilia Maksimenka
Ilia Maksimenka linkedin

Social media

Artemis Vision web-siteArtemis Vision RedditArtemis Vision MediumArtemis VisionYouTubeArtemis Vision TelegramArtemis Vision InstagramArtemis Vision LinkedInArtemis Vision X (Twitter)Artemis Vision Facebook

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