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HEdpAY Project and financial products based on the members and their use of HEdpAY on a decentralised diversified blockchain system and in unorthodox ways revolutionizing the global financial market and banking future.

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ICOmarks.com HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO icomarks 8.4 / 10
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Project industry Finance Services & Banking


Hedpay structures its ledger registration by record of its equity in form of token on the blockchain, then utilizing Hedpay Bank to swap FIAT for equity and HEdpAY Wallet the Tokens for Crypto with full records on both transactions on the blockchain, and eventually internal swaps between Equity and token by form of traditional call option or buyback structure.

Hedpay service formula can be used with full disclosure for FIAT by its Hedpay bank and for Crypto by its Wallet & Token to be utilized to purchase any asset or class asset of all sorts from financial product to consumer products with full registration on blockchain system and can be used as a payment gateway for merchants.

HEdpAYs reward tokens based on its equity position holding gain dividends, HEdpAY tokens are designed to give the opportunity to its members and users to get products at best rate through an incentive interest system.

Project Concept and Description

It has been considered to structure HEDPAY wallet, virtual currency, transfer and payment system to be licensed and regulated to bridge between crypto currency and traditional banking. The successful future of the venture will be guaranteed through decentralized, diversified, global services hedging on crypto currencies, currencies exchange and security of Merchants and Agents that will manage their jurisdictional client by experienced professional personals with developed risk assessment and KYC compliance systems.

By introducing new innovative technologies and methods HEdpAY will be raising general utility quality of business profits and returns.

Company Management

The management team of the company are specialists carefully selected from IT engineers, data security, regulatory and financial sectors with the institutional partners and advisors. The presence of high tech engineers, compliance, risk and financial specialists guarantee the company will enjoy a long-term advantage towards prosperity and success in its ventures and services; the know-how will always be readily available by HEdpAY for its utility Users, Members, Investors, Clients, Shareholders and Partners.


HEDPAY Ltd core business is financial services, provide affordable and fast solutions for money transfer, payments and online wallet, whereas also provides a reward system to its member users on purchases and utility use of the token.

Business objectives

  • Act as a leading Company in online and crypto financial services in a global market;
  • Establish and sustain relationship with regulatory bodies, reputable financial institutions, traders and their platforms around the world
  • Provide employment in all its business aspects as well as high quality services to its members, users and partners.
  • Secure long term sustainable profits and value as structured to its members, users and shareholders
  • Token info

    Ticker: Hdp.f

    HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO Roadmap


    Ibig Investments Ltd.


    Project realization.


    Software development.

    2017 March

    1° smart contract.

    2017 April

    Founded HEdpAY Ltd.

    2018 June

    Start PRE ICO.

    2018 8 July

    Start ICO.

    2018 15 Sept

    Start 3° phase.

    2018 Oct


    2018 5 Dec

    Start coin.

    2019 Jan

    Software HEdpAY Lithuanian banking license.

    2019 March

    POS HEdpAY.

    2019 June

    Bank license UAE.

    2019 Sept

    Banking license United Kingdom.

    2020 June


    Project team

    Founder & CEO in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 1
    Vicken Kaprelian
    Founder & CEO
    Regional Manager
 in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 2
    Victor Elong
    Regional Manager
    Banking Relations
 in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 3
    Lina Aleksandraviciene
    Banking Relations
    Tech Manager in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 4
    Kundan Kumar
    Tech Manager
    Marketing Director in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 5
    Simone Di Sabato
    Marketing Director
    Art Director in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 6
    Rosario Nocera
    Art Director
 in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 7
    Anil Kumar
    IOS DEVELOPER in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 8
    Chitranjan kumar
    Android Developer in HEdpAY (Hdp.f) ICO - 9
    Avikal Prakash
    Android Developer

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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