Without leaving the room. How to earn cryptocurrency without investments.

earn cryptocurrency

If you have already reviewed all movies, re-cleaned the house several times on self-isolation, but still did not entered the cryptocurrency industry, we suggest the ways that will help to earn digital money without investments.

Avoid mining and trading

You will face risks and financial losses by mining and trading. So, while you are a newbie in these areas, try to get experience by earning Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other valuable cryptocurrencies for free. Yes, it’s possible. Instead of buying crypto, you can get it by completing different tasks online. They are quite simple.

Join Bounties

Take part in Bounties and Airdrops. This is a free distribution of tokens, for which certain actions are performed.

You are certainty have a personal account on Facebook, TW, Reddit, LinkedIn, or Telegram. So use them to join many projects’ bounty campaigns. There are about 120-180 projects from all over the world running their bounty campaigns simultaneously. You can find most of them on Bitcointalk forum. All that you would need is to promote crypto projects by making likes, retweets, comments, and follow-ups. By doing so you will be getting bounty stakes (like points). The more stakes you earn the more project’s tokens you get later. The payments terms vary from project to project. Usually, it takes about 4-20 weeks to get your tokens and sell them for ETH or BTC. Looks easy. But it’s not so simple. Participation in bounties has some disadvantages.

First, it is necessary to study the prospects of cryptocurrency projects in order not to waste your time and energy. Select the most promising projects otherwise, you can get nothing. Second, the time gap between the date you receive a project’s tokens and the date these tokens are listed on any exchange can be huge. Without listing, you cannot sell tokens. Finally, you can face low liquidity and could not sell tokens for good money.

Use Crypto Advertising Platforms

The easiest way to avoid bounty drawbacks is by using crypto advertising platforms. You do not need to study projects and worry about payments. All that you need is to download the app, register, complete a profile with your preferences, and start swiping the ads. The more ads you watch the more money you get immediately. YOUengine is a good example of such kind of platforms.

Sell bounty stakes

Another option to avoid bounty disadvantages is to sell bounty stakes long before tokens distribution. So, you don’t have to wait for a bounty reward for many months and worry about the price of tokens in the future. It works very simply. You just need to join crypto bounty campaigns that have been already preselected by Tokpie exchange. After signing up, you can sell (if wish) the earned bounty stakes at any time to get Ethereum (ETH) or USDC stable coins. The most exciting feature is that you can sell bounty stakes even before earning them.

Bottom line

You can get cryptocurrency without delving into the features of the digital industry, only by following, liking, reposting, or viewing advertisements. It is impossible to earn fabulous money in such ways and not to become a cryptocurrency millionaire, but you can postpone a couple of dozens of tokens in case you are lucky and their rate rises. You can also check out Cryptomojo Australia if you are in need of more country specific information on cryptocurrency.

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