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Karvuon Token will provide the entire crypto industry with the necessary amount of energy required for its security and immutability. To satisfy the blockchain’s ravenous energy appetite, Karvuon will focus on building renewable sources of power.

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What is Karvuon


We are striving to become a global energy leader by building wind farms, solar farms, power plants, and a blockchain data center. By producing energy on a large scale, we envision supporting an industrial park to house processing and data centers as well as crypto mining farms to establish a highly profitable company for our shareholders/token holders.

Mission and Goals

Utilizing Mongolia for its natural resources, land, and over 300 sunny days per year, Karvuon, LLC is planning to construct a wide variety of energy-producing plants where renewable sources will be the target.

With a JORC-confirmed 327 million tons of coal deposits, Karvuon LLC plans to start with this traditional energy source in order to construct and operate an industrial park in central Mongolia.

Our goal includes:

  • A coal-powered 200MW power plant
  • A solar farm
  • A wind farm
  • A crypto mining facility with a capacity of up to 500,000 mining machines.
  • Karvuon is launching an initial exchange offering to attract investments for initial platform development, with the distribution of Karvuon utility tokens that represent tokenized energy produced by Karvuon facilities. Further, it will be possible to exchange them for security tokens backed up by platform-generated revenues. Our STO campaign will be launched on our platform to provide security token holders with the opportunity to earn payments, which will be distributed every reportable period after official financial reports.


    Pre-sales: Dec 10, 2019 - Jan 10, 2020
    IEO (Probit Launchpad): Jan 13, 2020 - Feb 27, 2020
    Token supply: 1,246,840,000 KVN
    Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 17,206,392 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

    Token info

    Ticker: KVN
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 KVN = 0.02 USDT
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Bonus program:
    15% - Bonus for PROB
    10% - Bonus for BTC, ETH, USDT
    Token distribution:
    9% - Core Team and Founders (vesting for 3 years)
    3% - Advisors (vesting for 3 years)
    1% - Bounty Campaign
    69% - Token Sale Event
    8% - Token Sale Bonus Pool
    9% - Reserve
    Funds allocation:
    15% for business development purposes
    25% for marketing activities
    10% reserved for operational activities
    50% for the asset acquisition

    Karvuon Roadmap

    January 2020

    Karvuon token issuance; IEO launch


    Karvuon Private Fundraising


    Project development


    Karvuon Smart Grid development


    Karvuon Smart Grid implementation in Mongolia’s Central Grid


    Production of electricity


    Industrial park operation

    Project team

    Manlai Bat-Orshikh
    Manlai Bat-Orshikh
    CEO, Founder
    Manlai Bat-Orshikh linkedin
    Gantig Bayarmagnai
    Gantig Bayarmagnai
    Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder
    Gantig Bayarmagnai linkedin
    Unenburen Ulziiburen
    Unenburen Ulziiburen
    Chief Information Officer
    Unenburen Ulziiburen linkedin
    Zolbayar Odonsuren
    Zolbayar Odonsuren
    Business developer
    Zolbayar Odonsuren linkedin
    Gabit Bazar
    Gabit Bazar
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Gabit Bazar linkedin
    Erdem Batsaikhan
    Erdem Batsaikhan
    Chief Technology Officer
    Erdem Batsaikhan linkedin
    Bilguun Dashdorj
    Bilguun Dashdorj
    Chief Financial Officer
    Bilguun Dashdorj linkedin
    Bilguun Turboli
    Bilguun Turboli
    Tech Advisor, AI developer
    Bilguun Turboli linkedin
    Usukhbayar Ganbaatar
    Usukhbayar Ganbaatar
    Research Analyst
    Usukhbayar Ganbaatar linkedin


    Byambasaikhan Bayanjargal
    Byambasaikhan Bayanjargal
    Chief Adviser
    Byambasaikhan Bayanjargal linkedin
    Zoljargal Dashnyam
    Zoljargal Dashnyam
    Legal Adviser
    Zoljargal Dashnyam linkedin
    Ihor Pidruchny
    Ihor Pidruchny
    Advisor, Applicature CEO
    Ihor Pidruchny linkedin
    Andrew Zubko
    Andrew Zubko
    Advisor, Applicature CTO
    Andrew Zubko linkedin
    Ivan Novosiolov
    Ivan Novosiolov
    Advisor, Applicature CMO
    Ivan Novosiolov linkedin
    Pavlo Klokov
    Pavlo Klokov
    Blockchain consultant, BA
    Pavlo Klokov linkedin

    Social media

    Karvuon web-siteKarvuon RedditKarvuon MediumKarvuonYouTubeKarvuon TelegramKarvuon BTCTalkKarvuon TwitterKarvuon Facebook

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