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BuyAnyLight (BAL) is an innovative platform that strives to decentralize the process of LED light sourcing by reducing the role of intermediaries while offering lighting products at the most competitive market rates. The platform harnesses the power of blockchain combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data to enable consumers and manufacturers to acquire or source lighting products in a seamless, secure, and cost-effective way. Currently, the BAL Platform and all of its modules are deployed as a centralized architecture.

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Project industryEnergy & Utilities
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited Arab Emirates
WhitepaperBuyAnyLight White Paper Open
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What is BuyAnyLight

BuyAnyLight (BAL) has a ready to use platform for sourcing lighting products at competitive market rates. It aims to decentralize the current business model by implementing this infrastructure on a blockchain, and by doing so revolutionize the lighting industry. It serves as a blockchain-based platform that uses artifi cial intelligence (AI) and big data so users can acquire or source lighting products without involving a middleman, who typically would take a signifi cant share of their earned amount as a fee.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) is a revolutionary global marketplace for quality LED lighting. Our innovative platform uses the power of technology offered by blockchain, smart contracts, Al and Big Data to make the LED lights sourcing process seamless and super-fast! With BAL, you also get a dedicated LED expert at hand who help you choose the perfect LED lighting products for all of your needs whether personal or commercial.

Our vision is to become the leading global platform of choice for buyers and sellers dealing in LED lighting. We aim to democratize the access to sourcing of lighting products while eliminating the role of intermediaries.


Pre-sales: Nov 01, 2019 - Apr 06, 2020
Public sales: Apr 07, 2020 - Apr 30, 2020
Token supply: 55,000,000 BAL
Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 8,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA, North Korea, Iran
Office address: DIP 1, Opp. Green Community East, Showroom 10, P.O. BOX 3219 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Token info

Ticker: BAL
Token price in USD: 1 BAL = 0.25 USD
Token price in EUR: 1 BAL = 0.22 EUR
Token price in BTC: 1 BAL = 0.00004002 BTC
Token price in ETH: 1 BAL = 0.00194795 ETH
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, EUR, USD
Token distribution:
20% - Seed Investor Allocation
10% - Private & Pre-IEO Sale
30% - Main Sale Event
10% - Advisory Board Allocation
5% - Bounty and Airdrop
10% - Team and Management
15% - Reserve

BuyAnyLight Roadmap

  • Foundation of Almani Lighting Gmbh.
  • 2
  • Foundation of Almani Lighting LLC, Dubai.
  • Strategic Partnerships.
  • 3
  • BAL Idea inception. Research and feasibility and development team recruitment.
  • 4
  • 51% Ownership acquisition of Almani Lighting LLC by ASAS Holding, warehouse expansion.
  • BAL Light Finder development and testing.
  • 5
  • Team expansion, product range extended to 600+.
  • Fiat partner collaboration, major Sheikh palace contracts in UAE.
  • 6
  • BAL Beta version release,
  • documentation and drafting,
  • Website development and launch,
  • seed round finished and public token sale.
  • Marketing kickstart.
  • 7
  • IEO sale and listing on exchanges.
  • Blockchain based platform development initiated.
  • Smart contracts development, wallet development with cross-chain.
  • Asset exchange.
  • Traceable logistic partnerships and development initiated.
  • 8
  • Traceable logistic functionality implementation.
  • Alpha version release.
  • Mobile apps release.
  • 9
  • On-chain logistic fully implemented.
  • AI-based smart contracts implementation.
  • BAL custodial platform development.
  • 10
  • Expansion into construction industry.
  • BAL tokenization platform development.
  • Smart contract notary service launch.
  • Project team

    Johannes Eidens
    Johannes Eidens
    CEO & Founder
    Johannes Eidens linkedin
    Martin Heyen
    Martin Heyen
    Co-Founder & CFO
    Leo Vicente
    Leo Vicente
    Chief Technical Officer
    Leo Vicente linkedin
    Muhammad Younas
    Muhammad Younas
    Chief Operating Officer
    Muhammad Younas linkedin
    Rene Rowell dela Rama
    Rene Rowell dela Rama
    Director of Blockchain Integration
    Rene Rowell dela Rama linkedin
    Rizvi Iqbal
    Rizvi Iqbal
    Blockchain & DLT Specialist
    Rizvi Iqbal linkedin
    Artem Gordadze
    Artem Gordadze
    Marketing Specialist
    Artem Gordadze linkedin
    Nantha Kumar
    Nantha Kumar
    Sales Director
    Nantha Kumar linkedin
    Marc Vazquez
    Marc Vazquez
    Sourcing, Production & Investors Relations
    Marc Vazquez linkedin
    Ryan Quines
    Ryan Quines
    Design Lead
    Ryan Quines linkedin
    Zain Ul Abdin
    Zain Ul Abdin
    Senior Architect
    Zain Ul Abdin linkedin
    Shajudeen Yousf
    Shajudeen Yousf
    Lighting Design Architect
    Shajudeen Yousf linkedin
    Chad Hanson
    Chad Hanson
    Social Media, Community Manager
    Chad Hanson linkedin
    Maria Carron Igloso
    Maria Carron Igloso
    Investor relations and Public Relations Manager
    Maria Carron Igloso linkedin
    Tiffany Anggot
    Tiffany Anggot
    Director Of Strategic Partnerships
    Tiffany Anggot linkedin
    Juliane Schreilechner
    Juliane Schreilechner
    Training Consultant
    Juliane Schreilechner linkedin


    Khalid Almutawa
    Khalid Almutawa
    Partner and Chairman ASAS Holding Group
    Sebastijan Eder
    Sebastijan Eder
    Partner, 0C Ventures
    Sebastijan Eder linkedin
    Ralph Kattan
    Ralph Kattan
    Major International Bank
    Ralph Kattan linkedin
    Alexander Vogt
    Alexander Vogt
    International Key Account Manager, CustomBiotech EMEA/LATAM at Roche Diagnostic Germany
    Alexander Vogt linkedin
    Dr. Moritz Eidens
    Dr. Moritz Eidens
    CEO PharmGenomics GmbH
    Dr. Moritz Eidens linkedin
    Mohsin Irshad
    Mohsin Irshad
    Sr. UI/UX Designer at EXCEED IT Services
    Mohsin Irshad linkedin
    Janis Leitans
    Janis Leitans
    Scientific Assistant, Latvian Biomedical Research Centre
    Janis Leitans linkedin

    Social media

    BuyAnyLight web-siteBuyAnyLight RedditBuyAnyLight MediumBuyAnyLightYouTubeBuyAnyLight TelegramBuyAnyLight InstagramBuyAnyLight BTCTalkBuyAnyLight LinkedInBuyAnyLight TwitterBuyAnyLight FacebookBuyAnyLight Github



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