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Mar 01, 2019 – Mar 31, 2019
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Token sale: Apr 01, 2019 – May 31, 2019

Kloud Token is an ecosystem of interrelated blockchain projects based on a native cryptocurrency.

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Project industry Blockchain Infrastructure


With the consistent crypto currency market fluctuations and recent crash in 2017 due to several complex factors, the level of uncertainty about the long-term survivability of crypto currency continues to loom in the minds of businesses, consumers, miners, minters and all crypto currency stakeholders. Despite this uncertainty and the high levels of risk associated with crypto currency, Bitcoin leads the way in perceived stability, social and economic acceptability and although its price soared to unprecedented levels, which even the most versed financial analysts could not have predicted, it too has suffered short to long-term doubt as to its future viability.

For all of our readers of this Whitepaper who may be doubtful regarding our differentiation from other blockchain projects and ICOs, we invite you to skip ahead to our closing statement which may alter your perception and posture about the Kloud Token project and crypto currency in general.

What is the future of cryptocurrency? Will it be viable in the long term as an acceptable financial instrument of trade? How do we ensure the balance among privacy, value for money and global acceptance of crypto currency are maintained and sustainable?

While many experts agree that blockchain technology has brought new levels of security that are very advantageous for the financial sector, many others doubt their stability considering the continual market fluctuations and security threats that have plagued the crypto currency world during its relatively short history.

Furthermore, during the conclusion of mining cycles when no more currency is available for ‘mining’ or for instances where miners focus their resources elsewhere, how does the distributed security architecture persist when the distributed transaction validation is no longer feasible with exception of revitalization, currency forking or equivalent of stock splitting to bring more mineable currency into play; the former sometimes result in instability of ‘new’ crypto currency not necessarily similar to simple rebranding and for the latter can bring about issues such as unmanageable blockchain sizes or lengthy transaction delays; compared to light-weight blockchains; Bitcoin transactions take over 10 minutes to conduct.

Many financial experts agree however, that unregulated financial systems bring far greater risks than rewards while others believe that crypto currency brings about distributed, equitably shared financial instruments to solve many decades’-old problems faced by humanity at a global scale, giving users of such the ability to purchase, trade or mine currency with the belief that the speculative nature of crypto currency, although risky, can bring unparalleled levels of financial security and reward as was the case with so many Bitcoin and other crypto currency early adopters. The success stories of these early adopters have caused the publishing of a slew of crypto currencies to mimic the Bitcoin success story, while most of them have failed to bring these levels of success over the past years and new coin makers continually try to find ways of creating new crypto currencies with some unique trait.

Kloud Token promises to minimize the speculative nature of crypto currency by pairing the traditional decentralized blockchain with a centralized platform to enable the exchange of the native Koin crypto currency for tangible goods and services using fixed-value blockchain financial instruments that are ubiquitously acceptable globally in a future-proofed, equitable trading ecosystem with unparalleled security and transaction agility.

By giving consumers the ability to use their accrued crypto currencies and other financial instruments for the acquisition of real goods and services through Koin tokens. Generally, the global consumer exchanges a variety of crypto currencies whenever they sense they can be rewarded with value or purchasing power for their mined or otherwise acquired crypto coins and tokens; rather than pay various percentages to convert between coins, Kloud Token instead promotes the use of Koin through various incentives, unprecedented in the industry today with zero fees; in place of fees, the Kloud Token platform rewards all stakeholders including miners, investors, consumers and merchants.

For merchants the world over, Koins acquired through the purchase of their goods and services can continually be re-introduced into the Kloud Token platform at subsidized rates, rather than strategically converting them to different forms of currencies. Predominantly, exchanging crypto currencies for Bitcoin and Ethereum is common today, in order to achieve some form of cash out to realize their real and non-speculative value in an acceptable form.

Kloud Token is poised to revolutionize the way in which crypto currency and blockchain technology is viewed, used and developed through innovative use of traditional blockchain models along with innovations and re-engineered processes.

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Ticker: KOIN
Token price in USD: 1 KOIN = 1000 USD

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