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The Lancor Blockchain is a healthcare platform for curing cancer.

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Project industry Drugs & Healthcare
Product type Platform


The Lancor Blockchain Platform allows patient data to be analysed and stored securely. The Medici Token will allow users access to all the data services and cancer screening technology available on the LBP. Each Medici Token transaction will be handled by a safe and secure payment gateway, through a web portal at All data generated on the LBP, from Medici Token transactions to the results of individual screening tests, will be completely auditable, fully-encrypted and stored within the LBP architecture, either on- or off-chain, satisfying regional and country-wide regulatory requirements, with strict adherence to the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), where applicable.

ICO Details

Soft cap: 5,000,000USD (fiat)
Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD(fiat)

Token info

Ticker: Medici
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 Medici = 0.1 USD
Accepted currencies: BTCETHUSDEURGBP
Token distribution:
45% - Sale
20% - Founders
10% - Stake rewards
8%- Marketing
5% - Airdrop
5%- Sale bonus
4% - Advisors
3% - Developers
Funds allocation:
26% - Clinic nodes
18% - IT
16% - Mobile cancer units
10% - Lancor BP
9% - ICO
8% - Partner 1
13% - Partner 2

Lancor Blockchain ICO Roadmap

Nov 2018

Pre-ICO Launch
We will be opening up the ICO to a closed group of participants. This is also the point that the ICO launch marketing will begin. We will be completing an extensive programme to raise awareness and anticipation in the build up to the ICO launch.

LBP MVP Platform Live
The Lancor Blockchain Platform MVP launch will go live. This will enable us to run an operational screening test on the blockchain platform. We will run testing and development that will lead to an Alpha release in February 2019.

Jan 2019

ICO Open
The Lancor ICO will officially launch to the market. The public sale will be available until we reach the hard cap amount or sale close date.

Mar 2019

ICO Closes
The ICO process will officially close unless we have already reached the hard cap earlier in the sale.

Feb 2019

LBP Alpha Version Live
The Alpha version of the Lancor Blockchain Platform will officially go live. We will be able to increase the number of live tests and start working towards a general production release in November 2019.

Project team

CEO in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 1
Aamir Butt
Chief Medical Officer in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 2
Roland Schlesinger
Chief Medical Officer
CTO in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 3
Paul Darbyshire
CFO in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 4
Stephen Pigney
COO in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 5
Gopal Rao
CMO in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 6
Robert Elding
Ambassador, Africa Region in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 7
Adenike Grange
Ambassador, Africa Region
Head of Product Delivery in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 8
Ryan Lavelle
Head of Product Delivery
SVP Engineering and Design in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 9
Nick Holmes
SVP Engineering and Design
Sales Director in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 10
Rory Lavelle
Sales Director
Regional Director, Africa in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 11
Victoria Gavaza
Regional Director, Africa
Operations Manager in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 12
Lauren Sterling
Operations Manager


Special Advisor in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 13
Khalil Razvi
Special Advisor
Special Advisor in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 14
Min Tjoa
Special Advisor
Compliance Consultant in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 15
Julian Burn-Callander
Compliance Consultant
Special Advisor in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 16
Gary Nuttall
Special Advisor
Special Advisor in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 17
James Barrington-Brown
Special Advisor
Special Advisor in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 18
David Janczewski
Special Advisor
Special Advisor in Lancor Blockchain ICO - 19
Siam Kidd
Special Advisor

Social media

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