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Lever (LEV)


The #1 AMM-Based Decentralized Margin Trading Platform.

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Project industryTrading & Investing
Product typePlatform

What is Lever

Lever is the first AMM-based decentralized margin trading platform on Ethereum, where users can easily earn interest through lending and perform leveraged trading. Powered by its own lending pool and by integrating with external AMM’s like Uniswap, Lever can significantly increase your trade efficiency and asset utilization. With Lever, simplified margin trading and visualized position management are available for traders in the DeFi space.

Margin positions are realized through a decentralized loan pool. By putting up a margin deposit on Lever, traders are able to open a position with up to 3X leverage. Other than serving as collateral, your margin deposit will also earn interest for you, which makes Lever different from centralized exchanges.


IEO (Daomaker Launchpad): May 03, 2021 - May 03, 2021
IEO (Gate Launchpad): May 05, 2021 - May 06, 2021
Token supply: 100,000,000 LEV


Country limitations: Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bosniaand Herzegovina, Burundi, Burma, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Japan, North Korea, Liberia, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Token info

Ticker: LEV
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 LEV = 0.5 USD
Token distribution:
Seed Round - 6%
Private Round - 3%
IDO - 1%
Auction - 2%
Team - 15%
VC Round - 9%
Eco - 15%
Strategic Reserve - 6%
Airdrop - 3%
Liquidity Mining - 40%

Lever Roadmap

May 2021
  • Launch V1
  • 2
    June 2021
  • Product optimization and iteration during launch.
  • 3
    July 2021
  • Launch V2: optimize gas fees, support market, Limit and Stop-Limit trading, optimize position management interface, increase supported leverage ratio.
  • 4
    Q3 2021
  • Launch Layer2 versionL
  • Other derivatives
  • 5
    Q4 2021
  • Leveraged liquidity miningL
  • NFT marketplace
  • 6
  • Support cross-chain assets as margin.
  • Social media

    Lever web-siteLever MediumLever TelegramLever Twitter



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