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Loopex is an international platform, which provides various cryptocurrency services to its customers. We create cryptocurrency financial center with the help of blockchain technologies. Our mission is to bring the exchange of crypto assets to the new level. Loopex team does everything to make trading on the platform as much comfortable, convenient, safe and inexpensive as possible.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeMarketplace
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Technical details

Loopex IEO is held after the official launch of the Loopex Exchange. Total number of XLP tokens is 1 000 000 000 from which 400 000 000 XLP will be sold during the IEO. The price of 1 (one) XLP during the IEO stage will be $ 0.0065. XLP tokens will be officially available only on the website www.loopex.io until the end of the IEO. Loopex IEO will automatically end after 60 days, or after 400 000 000 XLP tokens are being sold. Immediately, after completion of the IEO, tokens will officially be available in pairs XLP/BTC, XLP/ETH for open market trade. Status VIP will automatically be assigned to users who will purchase 30 000 XLP or more during Loopex IEO. IEO investors will retain status until April 1, 2020. VIP Status allows the customers to trade on Loopex platform for free and participate in VIP traders reward program.

What is Loopex


Loopex is an international platform, which provides various cryptocurrency services to its customers.

We create cryptocurrency financial center with the help of advanced blockchain technologies. Our mission is to bring the exchange of crypto assets to the new level. Loopex team does everything to make trading on the platform as much comfortable, convenient, safe and inexpensive as possible.

Low Trading Fees

The trading commission for cryptocurrency exchange on the Loopex platform does not exceed 0.1%. By paying fees with the XLP token, users receive a 50% discount on execution of all trading transactions. If the user has 400 000 XLP and more on the Loopex account, he receives VIP status, which makes his trading free of charge.

Low withdrawal commissions

We have minimized fees for withdrawal of funds from the platform. Besides this, we do not charge for the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies with free of charge transaction processing networks.


Loopex accounts’ funds are distributed between hot and cold wallets. Hot wallets hold 10% of all funds to provide users with the ability of quick withdrawal. The remaining 90% are distributed between a multitude of cold wallets that are disconnected from the network in nominal mode. They are alternately activated by independent and remotely located administrators only in cases of necessity.

Loopex provides users with the opportunity to fully control devices and IP addresses from which they access their accounts. Also, security level can be enhanced by using various two factor authentication options.

Various options for Order Placement. Trade automation

The Loopex exchange platform is equipped with various features giving users possibilities for placing different types of orders. We offer our clients the opportunity to trade with conventional Market Orders and Limit Orders, as well as more professional Stop Orders, Smart Orders and Trailing Stops. A rich arsenal of trading tools on the Loopex platform allows users to make trading process as much automated as possible, which in turn increases opportunity for risk minimization and profit growth even in the absence of constant access to the exchange.

Transaction processing speed

The platform engine is capable of processing over 1,000,000 transactions per second, which makes Loopex one of the fastest platforms of the industry. Users can be sure that their transactions will be processed instantly, without any delay.

Loopex Token (XLP)

Cryptocurrency Loopex Token (XLP) is a digital asset integrated into the Loopex platform to provide improved trading conditions. By paying with XLP, user receives a 50% discount on all trading transactions. If the user has 400 000 XLP or more on his exchange account, VIP status will be assigned to him automatically. Trading on the Loopex platform is free of charge for VIP clients.

Other than that, users can automatically convert small, unusable for trading amounts of cryptocurrencies into XLP tokens, which in turn are used for payment of commission fees and for trading in various pairs. The price of the XLP token during automatic conversion is tied to its market price.

Loopex VIP

VIP status allows the customer to trade on the Loopex platform for free. To obtain the status, the user must own 400 000 XLP or more on his exchange account.

One more way for obtaining VIP status, is to purchase at least 30 000 XLP ($ 195) during the IEO stage.

IEO investors will retain VIP status until April 1, 2020. It is important to know that if the IEO Investor gets VIP status and then sells purchased tokens, in the future, he will have opportunity to restore status by filling his Loopex account with up to 30 000 XLP instead of 400 000 XLP tokens.

Every week we will distribute 5% of the platform’s weekly profit earned from collection of trading commissions between ten most active VIP traders. In order to receive a reward, the user must be in the top 10 traders list of the Loopex platform by weekly trading volume.

The distribution of funds between the ten most active VIP traders will occur as follows:

The first five VIP traders by weekly trading volume will receive 0.75% of the platform’s weekly profit, the remaining five will receive 0.25% each.

Tokens will be accrued to users once a week. The program will be launched on June 3, 2019 at 09:00 UTC + 00:00. Additional information will be posted on our website and social networks.

Supported Coins

On the first stage, the Loopex platform will support following coins:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XLP

Loopex team is actively working on addition of new coins. Only coins with the high level of trust, extensive user base and high liquidity will be selected for listing.

Referral program

Loopex users have the opportunity to invite their friends to the platform using a unique referral code.

Such users will be rewarded with 40% of the trade commissions collected from their referrals.

User reward programs

Since the launch of the platform, we constantly provide users with the opportunity to participate in various Airdrop and Bounty. This trend will continue in the future. Besides this, the referral program and the reward program for ten most active VIP traders are functioning on the platform.

Convenient, multifunctional interface

The interface of the Loopex platform is multifunctional and at the same time easily understandable even for inexperienced users. It is designed in such a way that there is no need to flip through the site to monitor the situation on the market, thus our customers are given the opportunity to control the trading process continuously. In addition, we provide the possibility to open several tabs simultaneously for quick switch between different trading fields. All pages of the platform are as informative and convenient as possible. After the end of the IEO, we plan to finalize the design of the interface and add the ability of switching to the day mode.

Help Center and customer service

To provide immediate assistance to customers, we work on creation of a full-fledged Help Center through which users can find answers to all frequently asked questions. The center also will include platform usage guidance.

Besides this, customers can leave us messages. We will provide users with a specially designed contact form. By filling it out, the messages will contain all the necessary information that will allow the Loopex team to respond to them faster and more efficiently.

Applications for smartphones and PCs

After finalizing the IEO, we plan to develop applications for Android and iOS smartphones, as well as for personal computers on Windows and MacOS.

Loopex IEO Service

The launch of IEO requires an integrated, strategic approach that should be applied to all main areas.

On the Loopex platform, we provide technical and marketing services required for successful launch of IEO.

Decentralized Exchange

After completion of all the initial stages of the Loopex platform development, we plan to work on creating a decentralized exchange. More detailed information will be officially presented in the second quarter of 2019.


Pre-sales: Feb 28, 2019 - Mar 08, 2019
Public sales: Apr 29, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019
Pre-sale token supply: 150,000,000 XLP
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 XLP
Total tokens for sale: 400,000,000 XLP
Hard cap: 2,600,000 USD
Raised: 750,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Iraq
Registration country: Georgia
Registration year: 2018
Office address: Tbilisi, Aghmashenebeli ave.

Token info

Ticker: XLP
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 XLP = 0.0065 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Bonus program:
+ 20% for the first 15 000 000 XLP. VIP status for the 30 000 XLP.
Token distribution:
Partners - 10%
Loopex foundation - 18.5%
Private sale - 15%
Loopex IEO - 40%
Airdrop & bounty - 1.5%
Loopex team - 15%
Funds allocation:
Technical development of the platform - 40%
Marketing - 20%
Operating expenses - 25%
Loopex team - 10%
Decentralized exchange - 5%

Loopex Roadmap

IV Quarter of 2018

The launch of the referral program

I Quarter of 2019

The launch of the Loopex platform
Improving the interface
Adding languages

II Quarter of 2019

Loopex IEO
The launch of the reward programs
Adding trading pairs
Presenting detailed information about Loopex IEO Service
Applications for Smartphones
Adding day mode function
Adding languages

III Quarter of 2019

Adding trading pairs
I phase of token buyback
The launch of the Loopex IEO Service
Official presentation of the decentralized exchange project
Applications for PCs
Adding languages

IV Quarter of 2019

Commencement of the work on the decentralized exchange
II phase of token buyback
Adding languages
Beginning to work on the fiat currency integration

Project team

Ilia Sikharulovi
Ilia Sikharulovi
Founder & CEO
Ilia Sikharulovi linkedin
Levan Odishelidze
Levan Odishelidze
Founder & CTO
Levan Odishelidze linkedin
Jeko Tediashvili
Jeko Tediashvili
Jeko Tediashvili linkedin
Zurabi Arveladze
Zurabi Arveladze
Zurabi Arveladze linkedin
Nino Katukia
Nino Katukia
Nino Katukia linkedin
Tinatin Kartskhia
Tinatin Kartskhia

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