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ArtWallet is the innovative NFT solution bringing together NFT marketplaces, creators, virtual galleries, and many more elements of digital art.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeMarketplace
WhitepaperOneArt White Paper Open

What is OneArt

ArtWallet provides the ultimate solution for storing and owning NFTs with the simple gateway to the most reputable NFT marketplaces. Buy, Store, and Own Exclusive NFT Items in a few clicks. This is ArtWallet: Digital Art, Real Estate, Collectibles, Virtual Gaming Items, and other sectoral types of NFTs in one App!

Founded by Ethereum O.G. Joel Dietz, ArtWallet was developed for both creators and users alike. The user-friendly application ostensibly acts as a one-stop shop for NFT interaction, giving consumers the ability to conveniently browse marketplaces, safely store their digital goods, and even play back audiovisual content. They can also access exclusive content and participate in live auctions.


IDO (Scaleswap Launchpad): Oct 26, 2021 - Oct 26, 2021
IDO (NFTb Launchpad): Oct 26, 2021 - Oct 26, 2021
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 1ART
Total tokens for sale: 190,000,000 1ART
Hard cap: 1,130,000 USD
Raised: 1,110,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: 1ART
Token price in USD: 1 1ART = 0.1 USD
Token distribution:
2.50% - Private A (KOL, influencers)
5.00% - Private B (Strategic Partners)
7.50% - Private C (Crypto Funds)
2.00% - HAI Round
5.00% - Round D (IDO Platforms)
3.00% - Public Round
4.00% - Liquidity Pool
5.00% - HAI Farming and Incentives
10.00% - Team, Partners & Advisors
25.00% - Marketing
10.00% - Development
21.00% - Company Reserves

OneArt Roadmap

Q4 2021

Private & Public Token Sale

DEX Listing

Fantom and Binance Smart Chain

CEX Listing

“ArtWallet” → “OneArt”

iOS App alpha:
- Smart NFT Storage
- Crypto Wallet
- NFT Collections
- NFT Preview
- NFT Send & Receive
- Streaming via AirPlay

Q1 2022

iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Marketplace Aggregation:

OneArt Select

DeFi Tools

Q2 2022

OneArt Web3 Wallet

AR & VR Integration

AR & VR Streaming

NFT Cross-Chain Bridging

NFT Minting

Q3 2022

OneArt Marketplace for Metaverse

$1ART as a Payment Option

Non-EVM Blockchains Integrations
-Near Integration
-Solana Integration

Marketplace Aggregation

Project team

Nazar Khalavka
Nazar Khalavka
Nazar Khalavka linkedin
Ivan Naumenko
Ivan Naumenko
VP of Product and Engineering
Ivan Naumenko linkedin
Andrew Savitsky
Andrew Savitsky
Andrew Savitsky linkedin
Andrew Veles
Andrew Veles
Lead Product Designer
Andrew Veles linkedin
Dmytro Budorin
Dmytro Budorin
Dmytro Budorin linkedin
Rod Newman
Rod Newman
Rod Newman linkedin
Denis Kravchenko
Denis Kravchenko
Product Manager
Denis Kravchenko linkedin

Social media

OneArt web-siteOneArt RedditOneArt MediumOneArt TelegramOneArt LinkedInOneArt Twitter

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