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Loyalcrowd (MOVE)

Ongoing IEO
Token sale: Feb 15, 2021 – Mar 27, 2021

Ad-network with awesome rewards for fans. The place where fans are rewarded for their attention.

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Project industryMarketing & Advertising
FoundedUnited States

What is Loyalcrowd

LoyalCrowd aims to change the advertising industry with an innovative advertising system which will provide greater benefits to all participating parties. LoyalCrowd is the first software that creates win-win-win technology by rewarding fans for watching ads. Fans are rewarded for their attention. Publishers earn from ads. Advertisers get an audience that’s more engaged than ever.

It’s very hard for advertisers to target the exact people that they need. In present-day advertising this leads to a big spread of ads to people who are probably not interested in the advertised content. In the table below you can see the difference between other advertising networks and reward advertising by LoyalCrowd.

In the LoyalCrowd system advertisers can place their ads with questions, surveys or quizzes via our admin panel. The LC system then places the content in desired ad spaces. Every time a user completes a piece of content the advertiser pays the agreed upon fee per answered question or click-through after the ad/survey and the user receives tokens. The fee will then be split between the ad space provider and LoyalCrowd. After collecting enough tokens users can spend them on attractive rewards and prizes.


IEO (Latoken Launchpad): Feb 15, 2021 - Mar 27, 2021
Token supply: 100,000,000 MOVE
Total tokens for sale: 50,000,000 MOVE

Token info

Ticker: MOVE
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 MOVE = 0.10 USDT
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT
Funds allocation:
Product Development - 55%
Marketing and Sales - 30%
Advisors - 5%
Legal - 10%

Project team

Aleksandar Bibovski
Aleksandar Bibovski
Aleksandar Bibovski linkedin
Filip Karaicic
Filip Karaicic
Filip Karaicic linkedin
Vuk Popovic
Vuk Popovic
Vuk Popovic linkedin
Marko Marjanovic
Marko Marjanovic
Business Development

Social media

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User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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