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Cookie3 is a analytics platform that translates on-chain data into behavioral profiles of individuals.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typePlatform
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What is Cookie3

Cookie3 is “Google Analytics” for the Metaverse & Web3, translating on-chain data into behavioral profiles of individuals. Cookie3 aims to become the undisputed leader of behavioral analytics on the blockchain, focusing on individual users of Web3.

Cookie3 will provide B2B services like first-ever ads targeting tool in the Metaverse, behavioral scoring of investors which will be a comprehensive tool for launchpads, airdrops, NFT mints, DAOs and Gaming Guilds.

Cookie3 will be the leading reverse behavioral oracle for all Web2 brands entering NFTs and Metaverse and offer personalization of all existing services in Web3 based on individual wallets’ history.


Token supply: 100,000,000 COOKIE
Hard cap: 3,300,000 USD


Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: COOKIE
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20, BEP20
Token price in USD: 1 COOKIE = 0.14 USD
Token distribution:
14% - Strategic & Seed sale
12% - Private sale
6% - Launchpad
14% - Team
3% - Experts & Advisors
15% - Ecosystem development
15% - Treasure (locked by DAO)
5% - Liquidity & Listings
8% - Marketing & Partnerships
8% - Community Incentives (Staking, Airdrop, Rewards)

Cookie3 Roadmap

  • Team building
    Research & market analysis
    Smart analytics app PoS
    Partnership, customers
    Pitch Deck & website
Q1 2022
  • Strategic Round (02.22)
    MVP release (02.22)
    Seed sale (03.22)
    Whitepaper finalisation
    Technical & legal roadmap
    Strategic partnership
Q2 2022
  • Dynamic wallets checking
    dApps integrations
    Marketing campaign
    New chains
    Private sale (04.22)
    IDO (04/05.22)
    Dashboard app Launch (05.22)
Q3 2022
  • AI & MA implementation
    dApps integrations
    Web3 & Web2 matching
    New chains
    (Game-changing) NFT collection
Q4 2022
  • dApps integrations
    AI & MA development
    Airdrop for the holders
    Utility NFT drop for holders
    New chains
  • Customer service
    dApps integrations
    Web scraping
    Marketing expansion
    Scaling up
    Metaverse DAO development

Project team

Filip Wielanier
Filip Wielanier
Co-Founder & CEO
Filip Wielanier linkedin
Piotr Powierża
Piotr Powierża
NET Developer
Piotr Powierża linkedin
Wojciech Piechociński
Wojciech Piechociński
Wojciech Piechociński linkedin
Kris Lubiniecki
Kris Lubiniecki
Head of Product
Kris Lubiniecki linkedin
Natalia Siemieniuk
Natalia Siemieniuk
Social Media Manager
Natalia Siemieniuk linkedin
Roman Wroński
Roman Wroński
Blockchain Data Analyst
Roman Wroński linkedin


Tomek Karmowski
Tomek Karmowski
Tomek Karmowski linkedin

Social media

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