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MELD is the first decentralized and non-custodial DeFi banking protocol for lending and borrowing fiat and cryptocurrency.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeProtocol

What is MELD

MELD supplies crypto-backed loans in fiat and crypto denominations at market competitive interest rates. Users collateralize their cryptocurrency in the MELDapp allowing them to borrow fiat currency. Once KYC is completed this results in a wire transfer to their bank of choice. When a loan is paid-off, the smart contract ends, triggering the release of the collateralized cryptocurrency. The entire process is managed in the MELDapp.

MELD is a decentralized and trustless network built on the Cardano 10 Blockchain using smart contracts and governed by the MELD Foundation (Switzerland). This provides a fast, safe, and transparent set of tools for all participants to lend and borrow in the DeFi 11 ecosystem.

The protocol is open-source and supported by the Cardano community in developing functionality and innovative applications. As a protocol, the MELDapp runs on iOS and Android, as a Chrome extension, or as an application programming interface (API) by other developers and services.


IDO (Lightning Launchpad): Sep 26, 2021 - Sep 26, 2021
IDO (Vent Finance Launchpad): Nov 15, 2021 - Nov 16, 2021
Token supply: 4,000,000,000 MELD
Hard cap: 1,250,000 USDC


Blockchain Platform: Cardano
Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2021
Office address: 20 CECIL STREET, #05-03, PLUS, SINGAPORE 049705

Token info

Ticker: MELD
Token price in USD: 1 MELD = 0.025 USD
Accepted currencies: ADA, BTC, ETH, BNB
Token distribution:
Foundation - 5%
Partnership - 7.5%
Liquidity Rewards - 20%
ISPO - 20%
Private Sale - 30%
Team - 17.5%

MELD Roadmap

Q2 2021
  • MELD Launch
  • Initial Stake Pool Offering starts
  • Token Private Sale
  • Launch of Marketing Initiatives
  • Partner Program Launch
Q3 2021
  • MELD Ambassador Program
  • mFiat
  • Liquidation system
  • Complete the first PoC for lending & borrowing
  • UTXO research on economics models and concurrency
  • Formalize MELD protocol
Q4 2021
  • MELD protocol launch — MELD token officially launches
  • MELD Staking
  • ADAmatic Bridge 1.0
  • MELDapp v1.0
  • MELD Gold Stable Coin
  • $MELD on 2 centralized exchanges
  • $MELD on Pancake Swap
  • MELD Lending/Borrowing
  • MELD Vaults
  • MELD Chainlink Oracle
  • MELD Fiat Credit Line
  • Tingo/MELD Mobile App

Project team

Ken Olling
Ken Olling
Ken Olling linkedin
Hai Nguyen Quang
Hai Nguyen Quang
Hai Nguyen Quang linkedin
Dave Lin
Dave Lin
Dave Lin linkedin
Lise Wessel
Lise Wessel
Lise Wessel linkedin
Thomas Tallis
Thomas Tallis
Thomas Tallis linkedin
Nicholas Collinson
Nicholas Collinson
Nicholas Collinson linkedin
Stuart Hollinger
Stuart Hollinger
Social Media Übermensch
Stuart Hollinger linkedin
Quang Luong The Minh
Quang Luong The Minh
Security Engineer
Quang Luong The Minh linkedin
Thuy Vu Thi Thuy
Thuy Vu Thi Thuy
Blockchain Engineer
Thuy Vu Thi Thuy linkedin
Duy Nguyen Duc
Duy Nguyen Duc
Blockchain Engineer
Duy Nguyen Duc linkedin
Dong Nguyen Thi Phuong
Dong Nguyen Thi Phuong
Blockchain Engineer
Dong Nguyen Thi Phuong linkedin
An Le Mai
An Le Mai
Blockchain Engineer
An Le Mai linkedin
Matej Bilić
Matej Bilić
Senior Graphic Designer
Matej Bilić linkedin


Amit Pradhan
Amit Pradhan
Amit Pradhan linkedin
Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen linkedin
Patrick Ramsauer
Patrick Ramsauer
Patrick Ramsauer linkedin
James Bowater
James Bowater
James Bowater linkedin
Bruno Kocher
Bruno Kocher
Bruno Kocher linkedin
Christian Katz
Christian Katz
Christian Katz linkedin

Social media

MELD web-siteMELD MediumMELD TelegramMELD LinkedInMELD TwitterMELD DiscordMELD Github



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