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MinedBlock STO

Ongoing ICO
Apr 01, 2019 – May 31, 2019

MinedBlock’s aim is to redefine how customers can benefit from hosted mining services instead of the current hidden cloud mining offerings.

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Project industry Mining
Product type Service



Mining activities will be continuously monitored and switched between coins when the difficulty and success rates fluctuate. The ultimate goal will be to maintain maximum efficiency at all times.

Mining equipment will be regularly resold and replaced. There will be a split between suppliers of ASIC miners to prevent any kind of centralisation and to increase diversity available for customers to utilise.

MinedBlock will evaluate whether mining as part of an existing mining pool or being reliant on our own hash rate output is the most effective to produce coins.


MinedBlock will utilise a mixture of ASIC units alongside Custom Built GPU Mining Rigs.


Electricity costs and climate are the key considerations for choice of location as well as considering the political attitude of hosting Countries towards crypto mining, the last thing we would want it to build a mining farm somewhere and then it become a restricted activity.

The first phase of our Mining Farm build will be using ASIC Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash mining units as they are built ready to use. These will be hosted from a facility in Iceland where the climate and electricity costs are favourable.

Our GPU mining rigs will be built, configured and run from the United Kingdom initially to ensure they are reliable and easy to manage remotely before moving them to a facility in either Iceland, Canada or Sweden.

Adapting to Change

Mining cryptocurrency isn’t as simple as ‘plug and play and walk away’, the team at MinedBlock will constantly be monitoring our mining activities and evaluating where we could switch the miners to an alternative currency to increase profitability. Upcoming updates and forks will also be monitored to ensure we are always ready to adapt.


MinedBlock has two key priorities following the initial Implementation plan to increase the potential Return on Investment for our Token Holders:

  • Increase our output
  • Reduce our costs
  • Increasing our output

  • Mining Farms will be expanded on a monthly basis
  • Technology will be monitored to ensure we have the latest equipment
  • Mining activities will be switched between coins to ensure we are the most profitable we can be
  • Reducing our costs

  • Reduction of electricity costs through solar power, different locations and alternative power generation methods
  • Reduction of hosting costs through provisioning our own facilities
  • ICO Details

    Pre-ICO token supply: 60,000,000 MBTX
    ICO token supply: 305,000,000 MBTX
    Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


    ICO Platform: Ethereum/Polymath
    Registration country: United Kingdom
    Office address: 130 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD

    Token info

    Ticker: MBTX
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 MBTX= 0.15 USD
    Accepted currencies: BTC, POLY, ETH, Fiat
    Bonus program:
    Pre Sale Stage 1: 90% discount
    Pre Sale Stage 2: 85% discount
    Token distribution:
    91.25% - Pre-Sale
    3.75% - Founders
    3.37% - Retained
    1.25% - Airdrop
    0.38% - Airdrop
    Funds allocation:
    80% - Mining Equipment
    10% - Datacenter Build
    10% - Reserve

    Offices on the map

    MinedBlock STO Roadmap

    Q1 2018

    Project Concept Developed

    Q2 2018

    Whitepaper Written
    Company Name and Branding Defined

    Q3 2018

    Website and Social Channels Launched
    Whitepaper Released
    Token Sale Announced
    Token Sale Starts
    Airdrop and Bounty Schemes Revealed

    Q4 2018

    Initial ASIC and GPU Orders Placed
    Datacenter Spaces Agreed

    Q1 2019

    Mining Farm Builds
    Mining Begins
    Exchange Listings

    Q2 2019

    Token Sale Ends
    Final ASIC and GPU Orders Placed

    Q3 2019

    Revenue Distribution Begins
    Token Buy Back Starts

    Q4 2019 and Beyond

    Solar Farm Feasibility Study
    Hosted Mining Service

    Project team

    CSO in MinedBlock STO - 1
    Matt Ruff
    CEO in MinedBlock STO - 2
    Greg Wales
    COO in MinedBlock STO - 3
    Paul Bishop
    Marketing Consultant in MinedBlock STO - 4
    Ruhin Kahn
    Marketing Consultant


    Advisor in MinedBlock STO - 5
    Kamal Mustafa

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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    Width: 160 px

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