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Mix.Rent is a decentralized rent-a-car and sharing service. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the platform will provide its customers with the largest and most convenient base of all modes of transport, which is updated on a real-time basis.

Mix. Rent is a decentralized car rental and sharing platform. The team aims to develop a platform that would allow users to rent various vehicles across the world. The developers state their Mix. Rent service now has more than 11,000 registered users who listed more than 7,000 vehicles.

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Project industryTransport
Product typeService
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What is Mix.Rent

Mixrent will help you get there.

And to answer your question, no, this is not the plot of a movie, but an invitation to the new, convenient reality of the Mixrent blockchain ecosystem.

Mixrent is a blockchain-based ecosystem that connects transport owners, travelers, and support assistants worldwide to help you enjoy your experience without the hassle. We take your mind off everyday routes and any organizational and service concerns, bringing you new and innovative ways to get to the places that you’ve always dreamed of.

Providing travel arrangements accommodating every type of budget, we allow the user to pick and choose from available transportation options– car, bicycle, or yacht – and even mix and match as per their preferences. What this means is that users of the platform can not only rent a means of transport, but also have the option of creating a route of travel mixing different transport types and turning the road itself into enjoyment.

The core audience of Mixrent is comprised of Y&Z generations. In 2017, Generations Y and Z amounted to 26% of consumer audience, and by 2020 this figure is expected to increase to 63%. “Millennials” and Gen Z prefer not to own property but pay a reasonable price for temporary use. This preference acts the foundation for the development of the sharing economy worldwide. The audience of Mixrent craves emotions and impressions - a combination that’s very much possible by travelling – however it’s important to note that the vast majority has been stripped of access to these emotions and unique experiences due to high expenses and complexity of organization.

Generations Y and Z seek transparency, simplicity, and positive emotions – expectations that Blockchain in Mixrent aims to meet. The process of renting simply requires a few clicks, and all terms of transactions are transparent and cannot be changed. The technology, therefore, ensures reliability as users have complete information on the transport and can view personal ratings.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky shared research that “three in four millennials would rather buy an experience than a physical good” showing a strong opportunity for growth (Recode, 2018).

Mixrent changes the traditional model of transport sharing. The ecosystem not only connects a renter and a transport owner, but also involves the community as a new key player. Additionally, the community is not an intermediary; it provides a number of related services upon the user’s request. The user only needs to choose a route and desired mode of travel. They can entrust professionals with dealing with all planning that may be required, and enjoy an experience unlike any other.

About Mixrent

Mixrent is not only a beautiful idea, but an already implemented project which has been operational since 2017. The following results have been achieved with organic traffic and no online marketing:

  • 9 500+
  • units of transport, and the number is growing daily
  • 12 000+
  • users for the first half year
  • 6
  • countries: USA, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, South Korea
  • 3069+
  • orders, around 200 orders daily without marketing expenses

    According to the project plan, we will launch mobile applications for iOS and Android, along with widgets and an API for travel and other partner sites.

    We are not just another project in the field of short- and long-term leasing of transport. The objective of the project is to completely transform the existing model of transport leasing and evoking the right emotions with the unique adventures that we create. We strive to develop a high-quality service and launch a model conducive to unlimited growth of the MIX token.

    Mixrent conducts tokensale with an operational product which is under active scaling and is consistently used by clients. Tokensale is aimed at the business to be transformed into a decentralized ecosystem which saves time and expenses for renting transport and encourages scalability.


  • Lack of trust
  • There is a serious lack of trust in the market. Owners often require renters to pay hefty amounts upfront, but fail to keep their word when these deposits are made. These large deposits are a consequence of the combination of the absence of credible information about market participants and the lack of availability of reliable ratings..
  • No single global rental ecosystem
  • There is no single global platform which would allow the renting of different types of transport worldwide, and facilitate the creation of routes and experiences based on one’s preferences. In order to rent different types of transport, clients so far have had to use different platforms – all while dealing with the hassle that comes as part of the package with each platform.


  • Reliability and security
  • Blockchain technology in Mixrent solves the problem of trust in P2P transactions. The rating and history of the renter, owner, and all means of transport are reflected in the distributed ledger after transaction completion and cannot be changed or tampered by any of the users on the platform ensuring integrity. All data are available in the public domain and affect decisions on transport renting. Furthermore, the reputation affects the number of concluded deals and is a powerful motivator.
  • Single rental platform
  • Mixrent is a single international platform for the rental of different types of transport. The number of categories constantly increases so that the renters are provided with a wide range of transport types and means. The unique functionality of Mixrent does not only allow the use of multiple transport types, but also allows making routes by mixing different categories and models.


    Pre-sales: Dec 18, 2018 - Dec 28, 2018
    Public sales: Jan 18, 2019 - Jan 25, 2019
    Pre-sale token supply: 4,000,000 MIX
    Token supply: 45,000,000 MIX
    Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 17,000,000 USD


    Country limitations: United States
    Registration country: Ireland
    Office address: Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland

    Token info

    Ticker: MIX
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 MIX = 0.006 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETHBTCXRPXMR
    Bonus program:
    Private Sale: 25% bonuses
    PRE ICO: 15% bonuses
    ICO: 10% bonuses
    Token distribution:
    52% - Tokens Distribution
    25% - Reserve Fund
    10% - Team
    8% - Partners & Advisors
    5% - Bounty
    Funds allocation:
    30% - Platform Marketing and PR
    30% - Web, mobile, API, partners network development
    20% - Growing internationally - expansion in developed countries
    15% - Insurance and legal funds of the platform
    5% - Bounty program, which will continue after ICO

    Mix.Rent Roadmap

    Q4 2016

    Creation of the idea, transport rental market research

    Q2 2017

    Development of a prototype for local market, the idea testing

    Q3 2017

    Autotransport rental applications number increase. New transport types addition to the platform (motorcycles, ATVs, boats)

    Q4 2017

    Transport types addition (special equipment, yachts, motorhomes).

    Q1 2018

    Research on global transport rental and sharing market. Mixrent international expansion launch, launch in the US and Canada

    Q2-Q3 2018

    Preparation to Tokensale. Implementation of international expansion strategy. Among achievements: over 8 thousand transport units are available on the platform, 585 cities, 12 000 users.

    Q4 2018

    Tokensale execution. Smart-contracts implementation on the platform, monetization setup. Launch of API and mobile apps on iOS, Android. Implementation of a payment system.

    Q1 2019

    Implementation of arbitrage. Office opening in the US. The development team augmentation, user ratings implementation. Addition of new types of transport.

    Q2 2019

    P2P lending implementation. Office opening in China. Expansion to markets of India, China, Brazil, and Australia. Multilanguage support implementation.

    Q3 2019

    Partnership with industry participants: tourism, airfare, rental property, organization of events. Implementation of the Mixrent widgets to partners.

    Q1 2020

    Expansion to markets of other countries. Launch of marketing campaigns in 120 countries of the world.

    Social media

    Mix.Rent web-siteMix.Rent RedditMix.Rent MediumMix.Rent TelegramMix.Rent InstagramMix.Rent TwitterMix.Rent Facebook



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