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Obol Network is a protocol to foster trust minimized staking through multi-operator validation. Obol Labs is responsible for fostering the adoption of distributed validator technology through the development of the Obol Network and its ecosystem.

Seed Round: $6.15M

Series A funding Round: $12.5M

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperObol Network White Paper Download

What is Obol Network

Obol is focused on scaling consensus by providing permissionless access to Distributed Validators (DV's). We believe that distributed validators will and should make up a large portion of mainnet validator configurations. In preparation for the first wave of adoption, the network currently utilizes a middleware implementation of Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), to enable the operation of distributed validator clusters that can preserve validators current client and remote signing infrastructure.

The Obol Network consists of four core public goods:

  • The Distributed Validator Launchpad, a CLI tool and dApp for bootstrapping Distributed Validators
  • Charon, a middleware client that enables validators to run in a fault-tolerant, distributed manner
  • Obol Managers, a set of solidity smart contracts for the formation of Distributed Validators
  • Obol Testnets, a set of on-going public incentivised testnets that enable any sized operator to test their deployment before serving for the mainnet Obol Network


Raised: 18,650,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2021

Obol Network Roadmap

  • Enable a group of distinct machines to validate thogeder.
  • Basic form of DKG can be completed
Athena Public Testnet
  • Engage Obol Community
  • Facilitateself-service deployment of nodes
Bia Attack Net
  • Break charon in multiple ways
  • Improve DoS resistance
Public Testnet 2 & Red/Blue Net
  • Distributed Validator returns competetive
  • Run an unreasonably large percentage of a test network to see the network perfomance at scale if a majority of validators moved to DV architectures
  • Charon nodes cannot be Dos'd
  • Demonstrate that fault tolerant validation is real, safe and cost competetive
  • Charon V2 will introduce perfomance reward into clusters
  • Any issues amongst participants in a cluster must be sorted outside of the core protocol. For this reason, all operators in a cluster should be know to one another

Project team

Collin Myers
Collin Myers
Project Lead, Founder
Collin Myers linkedin
Oisín Kyne
Oisín Kyne
Head of Technology, Co-Founder
Oisín Kyne linkedin
Aly Saleh
Aly Saleh
DevOps Lead
Aly Saleh linkedin
Corver Roos
Corver Roos
Tech Lead
Corver Roos linkedin
Chris Battenfield
Chris Battenfield
Product Lead
Chris Battenfield linkedin
Dhruv Bodani
Dhruv Bodani
Software Engineer
Dhruv Bodani linkedin
Abishek Kumar
Abishek Kumar
Software Engineer
Abishek Kumar linkedin
Edax Uclés
Edax Uclés
Full Stack / UI Engineer
Edax Uclés twitter
Richard Malone
Richard Malone
Head of Business
Richard Malone linkedin
Thomas Heremans
Thomas Heremans
Technical Project Manager
Thomas Heremans linkedin
Hanan Nouman
Hanan Nouman
Frontend Engineer
Hanan Nouman twitter
Brett Li
Brett Li
Growth Lead
Brett Li linkedin
Francis Hackett
Francis Hackett
Legal Counsel
Francis Hackett twitter
Luke Hackett
Luke Hackett
Software Engineer
Luke Hackett linkedin


Jenia Barkanova
Jenia Barkanova
Marketing Strategy Advisor
Jenia Barkanova twitter

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