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Octane is a fully decentralized rewarding limit order platform driven by network of executors. The Octane team consists of veteran entrepreneurs and professionals who have been part of blockchain space since the launch of its early DeFi protocols.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi


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What is Octane Finance

What is Octane?

Octane is a fully decentralised rewarding limit order platform driven by network of executors built on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

Where can I get OCTANE token?

OCTANE will be available on PancakeSwap after Token generation event (TGE). TGE of OCTANE is not yet done, please be aware of scams

How does Octane work?

Using Octane you can place limit orders and generate APY. Example: Let's say you want to place buy limit order of CAKE aganist BUSD then we take your BUSD and send it to lending protocols till CAKE reaches your desired price.

Octane is a community-first platform. The team initially leads Octane Finance. As time progresses and the platform matures, the Octane community will take charge of the project. Octane Community will handle everything like deciding on new features, executor policies, partnerships, and more.

Octane community will be a group of users from all across the board, including developers, traders, investors, marketers, and funds.


IDO (TrustPad Launchpad): Sep 17, 2021 - Sep 17, 2021
IDO (DuckStarter Launchpad): Sep 21, 2021 - Sep 21, 2021
IDO (Mantradao Launchpad): Sep 21, 2021 - Sep 21, 2021
Token supply: 100,000,000 OCTANE
Raised: 1,700,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain

Token info

Ticker: OCTANE
Token distribution:
Community - 45%
Team - 18%
Seed Round - 5%
Private Sale - 6.5%
IDO - 1.5%
Advisory - 2%
Foundation Reserve - 22%

Octane Finance Roadmap

Q1 2021

User Research

We spoke to a lot of 1inch and other limit order platform users to understand the problem with the current system. We found a lot of issues in the execution of current limit orders system. So we proposed a solution to improve execution while making the limit order assets rewarding for the user.


We tried out testnet code to see if such a product is possible.

Q2 2021

Testnet Launch

Octane being a unique and never seen before solution for limit orders, this is a milestone achievement for us. Testnet feedback, economy simulation, and more will help build a robust mainnet launch.

Seed & Private Sale Round

Octane has closed its seed and private rounds of $1.7M to fuel the initial development, token sale, and network growth. Read more here.

Community Growth

We are constantly engaging with the community to get ready for testnet and contribute to the protocol.

Q3 2021

Token Sale

We plan to do a public token sale by end of July, this will create a free-flowing OCTANE token that will be ready to use by the mainnet protocol.


Plan to add staking to incentivize liquidity providers.

Beta Launch

Launch beta version of the mainnet from the learnings of testnet.

Q4 2021

Mainnet Launch

Combine all learnings from testnet and beta, update any known issues and go mainnet.


An audit is crucial to understand any known issues with our smart contracts.



Launch on Eth/L2 and other blockchains to fuel limit orders there.


Partner with yield protocols to aggregate best yield. Partner with centralized exchanges for added liquidity in DeFi.

DAO Setup

Plan to structure and set up Octane DAO to take protocol decisions.

Social media

Octane Finance web-siteOctane Finance MediumOctane Finance TelegramOctane Finance TwitterOctane Finance Github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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