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A next-gen chain & DeFi hub designed for automation & sustainability. Bringing automated portfolio management & simplified order book trading to the Cosmos.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeDeFi
WhitepaperOLLO Station White Paper Open

What is OLLO Station

OLLO Station is a next generation Defi Exchange offering Trading, Liquidity Bonding, Staking, Liquidity Backed borrowing & all with extended automated control parameters. Manage your entire Cosmos portfolio including cross chain assets & liquidity positions from one easy to use place. OLLO was designed to produce value, provide a service & sustainability. OLLO Station has engineered the chain’s design to be value producing for the long haul into a sustainable fully diluted future.

OLLO Station provides its users with an advanced DeFi hub & Portfolio control. Users will be able to fully automate their Trade, Stake & Bond positions and borrow using protocol liquidity using their whole cross chain portfolio in one easy to use place.


Token supply: 500,000,000 OLLO


Blockchain Platform: Cosmos
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: OLLO
Token distribution:
Wisedrop Airdrop & Lockdrop Launch - 45%
Strategic Reserve - 20%
Community Pool - 20%
Team - 12.5%
Seeding initial Pools - 2.5%

OLLO Station Roadmap

Launching Early Q1 2023

Mainnet Genesis Launch

The Main Event, OLLO Station will begin onbsarding genesis validators, producing mainnet blacks, and initiating aur genesis distribution.

Early Q1 2023

Wisedrop & Lockdrop Event

QLLO Station's countdown to liquidity event starts with early access for those eligable for the wisedrop airdrop, followed by OLLO's Liquidity Bootsrapping event where OLLO's price will be discovered. Following the LBP the event culminates with OLLO's Lockdrop for liquidity providers where users can lock assets for extended drop rewards.

Middle Q1 2023

NFT Marketplace

OLLO Station's next-gen NFT marketplace will allow users to mint, store, sell or auction any Nft's made throughout Cosmos and soon cross-chain Nft's as well. Lisers can utilize their Artist account to upload, customize, mint & sell thier awn NFT's. A Curated collection will also be available for selected artists. Keep an eye out for GLLO Station's official NFT collections & their surprise protocol utility coming soon!

Late Q1 2023

Liquidity Backed Lending

Liquidity Backed Lending is coming to DLLO Station. Users will be able to utilise staked, bonded, or cross chain assets as collateral to mint BOLLO, OLLO's mirrored asset token.

Q2-Q3 2023

Automation & Innovation

OLLO Station is commited to the Future of decentralized finance and has many exciting features on the horizon. From advanced rewards control like auto swapping to stables, multi-action compound & auto execute abilities with any combination of split, stake, bond, send ar swap automations.

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