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Omnilytics Platform is a distributed data network which processes aggregated data sets and combines artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning tools across various industries.

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Project industryData Analytics
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperOmnilytics Platform White Paper Open

What is Omnilytics Platform

Omnilytics is a distributed data network suitable for any industry. The platform is able to processes aggregated datasets and integrates AI and machine learning tools. Clients will request data on the Omnilytics Platform. Their requests are processed by the Omnilytics Platform Coordinator that will forward the task of acquiring data to Data Acquisition Nodes. This acquired data is then validated by the Data Validation Nodes and normalized by the Data Shaper Nodes. Finally, the system sends this data to the client.

The team is issuing an OMN token that will be used for micropayments, access to data audit tools, end-to-end data tracking, etc.


Soft cap: 20,000ETH


Blockchain Platform: Omnilytics
Country limitations: China, United States,

Token info

Ticker: OMN
Type: Utility-token
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Private Sale has between a 0%, 10% and 20% bonus. We don’t go by rounds, but we go by the investor, whether they are strategic (20%), semi-strategic (10%) or private (0%).

Omnilytics Platform Roadmap

Q3, 2017

Launched Omnilytics Fashion & Beauty Market Intelligence

Q4, 2017

Launched Omnilytics On Demand Data Reports
Launched Omnilytics Consumer Insights
New clients: Adidas, Ferragamo, Uniqlo

Q1, 2018

Drafting of Omnilytics Platform ICO Whitepape
Forming partnerships with Data Partners
New clients: Hedge funds, price comparisons, competitor tracking

Q2, 2018

Launch Omnilytics Platform ICO
Announcement of strategic investor sale
Development on Data Processing Layer

Q3, 2018

Announcement of private investor sale
Development on Data Action Layer
Alpha Release on Data Processing: Data Validation Nodes

Q4, 2018

Alpha Release: Omnilytics Platform Coordinator
Alpha Release on Data Processing: Data Shaper Nodes
Alpha Release on Data Acquisition: Super Acquisition Nodes
Alpha Release on Data Action: Omnilytics Platform Dashboard
Token Generation Event

Q1, 2019

Beta Release: Data Validation Nodes, Data Shaper Nodes, Super Acquisition Nodes
Beta Release: Omnilytics Platform Data Audit
MVP Testnet Release: Omnilytics Platform

Q2, 2019

Product Release: Omnilytics Platform Ethereum Main-net

Project team

Kendrick Wong
Kendrick Wong
CEO, Co-Founder
Kendrick Wong linkedin
Sylvia Yin
Sylvia Yin
COO, Co-Founder
Sylvia Yin linkedin
Nikolai Prettner
Nikolai Prettner
CDO, Co-Founder
Nikolai Prettner linkedin
Marcus Low
Marcus Low
CTO, Co-Founder
Marcus Low linkedin
James Smith
James Smith
Head of Data Science
James Smith linkedin
Claire-Ariane Lorber
Claire-Ariane Lorber
Head of Data Analytics
Claire-Ariane Lorber linkedin
Tan Veen Dee
Tan Veen Dee
Head of Retail Insight
Tan Veen Dee linkedin
Tan Jun Jie
Tan Jun Jie
Blockchain Developer
Tan Jun Jie linkedin
Director of retail
Matthew linkedin
Ken Chan
Ken Chan
Blockchain Developer
Ken Chan linkedin
Hwei Ming Choong
Hwei Ming Choong
Head of Marketing
Hwei Ming Choong linkedin


Darius Sit
Darius Sit
Trading Advisor
Darius Sit linkedin
Geoffray Arone
Geoffray Arone
Ex-Chief Scientist at Experian
Geoffray Arone linkedin
Kenneth Oh
Kenneth Oh
Legal Advisor
Kenneth Oh linkedin
Eli-Shaoul Khedouri
Eli-Shaoul Khedouri
Human Protocol
Eli-Shaoul Khedouri linkedin
Kai Chung
Kai Chung
Ethereum Singapore MeetUp
Willson Cuaca
Willson Cuaca
Venture Capital
Willson Cuaca linkedin
John Ng
John Ng
Partner at Signum Capital
John Ng linkedin

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