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Apillon is a Web3 development platform empowering developers to build in the Polkadot ecosystem. Through standard API connections, it provides the complete technology stack of connected services for creating NFT, GameFi, DeFi, and other Web3 products easily, reliably, and fast.

Strategic Round $3.6 Million

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Project industryData Analytics
Product typePlatform

What is Apillon

Apillon is a Web3 development platform that delivers a unified API endpoint, which allows Web2 developers to build and deploy Web3 projects, using their existing know-how and preferred frontend language.

By connecting the Polkadot parachains at one spot, it gives developers a unique opportunity to harness the development potential of their use cases and build complex products in one go, without the need to switch from one parachain to another.

It provides the complete technology stack of connected Polkadot parachains. It gathers a unique set of tools, SDKs, and documentation to fully support users in building their Web3 products from scratch.

Apillon is a unified platform that empowers developers and businesses to build on Web3. It provides direct access to Polkadot parachains and their services simply through APIs, allowing users to create a working Web3-based product from day one. Building with Apillon does not require prior knowledge of blockchain technology and the hassle of lengthy testing and auditing, which substantially reduces the go-to-market timeline and resources spent in the process.

Apillon brings the power of distributed technologies to every web developer and opens the floodgate to their widespread adoption. It democratizes the usability of advanced technologies and helps Web3 services reach wider and deeper.


Public sales: Apr 12, 2022 - Apr 14, 2022
Token supply: 150,000,000 NCTR
Total tokens for sale: 30,000,000 NCTR
Raised: 3,600,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Moonbeam
Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2021
Office address: 68 Circular Road, #02-01, 049422, Singapore

Token info

Ticker: NCTR
Token price in USD: 1 NCTR = 0.4 USD
Accepted currencies: USDC, USDT

Apillon Roadmap

1.9.2022 - 30.11.2022
  • Backend Architecture & Microservices
  • Infrastructure
  • Identity, Logging, Monitoring
  • Working KILT prototype integration (no UI level)
  • Working DID Vault prototype (no UI)
  • Public web3 UX framework
1.12.2022 - 28.2.2023
  • Developers Console
  • KILT integration launched production
  • DID Vault launched production
  • Full frontend done, production
  • Crust prototype (no UI)
1.3.2023 - 31.5.2023
  • Token issued
  • Staking and Governance production
  • Data integration module (Moonbeam) production
  • First projects on the platform
  • Freemium model in production

Project team

Matjaž Sobočan
Matjaž Sobočan
Chief Executive Officer
Matjaž Sobočan linkedin
Tadej Vengust
Tadej Vengust
Chief Technology Officer
Tadej Vengust linkedin
Domen Uršič
Domen Uršič
Chief Marketing Officer
Domen Uršič linkedin
Lenka Tušar
Lenka Tušar
Content Marketing Manager
Lenka Tušar linkedin
Patrik Kogoj
Patrik Kogoj
Product Marketing Manager
Patrik Kogoj linkedin
Jure Sobočan
Jure Sobočan
Lead Designer
Jure Sobočan linkedin
David Rodman
David Rodman
Community Manager
David Rodman linkedin
Simon Šenk
Simon Šenk
Front-end Developer
Simon Šenk linkedin
Anže Mur
Anže Mur
Full-stack Developer
Anže Mur linkedin
Veronika Jelen
Veronika Jelen
Veronika Jelen linkedin
Anja Grad
Anja Grad
HR and Finance Manager
Anja Grad linkedin


Jure Soklič
Jure Soklič
Jure Soklič linkedin
Klemen Peternel
Klemen Peternel
Kalmia CEO
Klemen Peternel linkedin
Peter Zorin
Peter Zorin
Legal advisor
Peter Zorin linkedin

Social media

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