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Thirdwave is the blockchain discovery engine connecting people with the games, projects, and communities they love. It enables you to understand, find and retain your best customers.

Seed Round: $7M

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Project industryData Analytics
Product typeTechnology
FoundedUnited States

What is Thirdwave Labs

Thirdwave exists at the intersection of community, social, and on-chain data, giving our partners a truly three-dimensional view of their customers and actionable insights – a first for the blockchain industry.

Thirdwave enables you to understand, find, and retain your best customers. Gain the key infrastructure and tools to drive growth with the first blockchain discovery engine.

As the first blockchain discovery engine, Thirdwave empowers blockchain projects. Get the analytics to understand your customers. Surface the right insights. Take the actions that will enable your business to grow.


Raised: 7,000,000 USD


Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2022

Project team

Peter Jonas
Peter Jonas
Peter Jonas linkedin
Matt Lorenzen
Matt Lorenzen
Matt Lorenzen linkedin
Jin (Jesse) Tao
Jin (Jesse) Tao
Head of Data
Jin (Jesse) Tao linkedin
Dmytro Golovatskyy
Dmytro Golovatskyy
Head of Engineering
Dmytro Golovatskyy linkedin
Ray Kearin
Ray Kearin
Market Development Lead
Ray Kearin linkedin
Jeffrey Levin
Jeffrey Levin
Sr. Data Analyst, Blockchain Analytics
Jeffrey Levin linkedin
Kaiden Mowery
Kaiden Mowery
Social Media Marketing Consultant
Kaiden Mowery linkedin
Qazal Samani
Qazal Samani
Full-Stack Analyst (Blockchain)
Qazal Samani linkedin
Ali Weaver
Ali Weaver
Strategic Partner Manager
Ali Weaver linkedin
Ilya Kalinin
Ilya Kalinin
Lead Software Architect
Ilya Kalinin linkedin

Social media

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