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OORT is a decentralized data cloud platform designed to maximize privacy and cost savings by integrating global compute and storage resources.

Strategic Round: $6.2 Million

Funding Round: Details

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Project industryBusiness Services & Consulting / Big Data & Data Storage / AI & Neural Networks
Product typeTechnology
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What is OORT | Decentralized Data Cloud

OORT is a decentralized cloud for privacy and cost savings.

OORT aims to create a world where people fully own and control their data, and use natural language as the gateway for effortless data interaction.


  • OORT Storage (previously known as OORT DSS) offers a powerful, private, and cost-effective alternative to traditional centralized cloud storage services. By storing data in a decentralized manner, OORT Storage provides a robust and intuitive solution for those not familiar with the Web3 landscape.
  • OORT AI (previously known as OORT TDS) is a platform designed for crafting generative AI agents, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate factually accurate, versatile, and secure AI into their operations in mere minutes, not months. No coding or AI specialists needed.
  • OORT Compute is a decentralized data compute engine that empowers data analytics, pipelines, and more. OORT Compute is set to launch in Q2, 2024.


IEO (Gate Launchpad): Jan 14, 2024 - Jan 15, 2024
Token supply: 2,000,000,000 OORT
Total tokens for sale: 200,000,000 OORT
Raised: 6,200,000 USD


Registration country: Switzerland
Office address: Bundesstrasse 3, 6302 Zug, Switzerland

Token info

Ticker: OORT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 OORT = 0.15 USD
Token distribution:
Team - 15%
Foundation - 10%
Fundrasing - 10%
Mining Reserves - 65%

OORT | Decentralized Data Cloud Roadmap

Feb 15 2023
  • Ascraeus Testnet Launch
  • Ascraeus Testnet is OORT's third testnet after Dome-A and Huygens, dedicated to evaluating the DEN tokenomics and network performance.
  • OORT DEN Launch
  • OORT Decentralized Edge Network (OORT DEN) is one of the flagship products of OORT, the data infrastructure for the next billion Web3 users. Oort DEN is an edge network that makes Web3 applications faster, more secure, and easier to scale.
  • OORT Mainnet Beta Explorer Launch
  • OORT's new blockchain explorer will include data from not only the mainnet beta, but also the Ascraeus testnet. Users will be able to view mining and transaction-related information, furthering the network transparency of OORT.
March 2023
  • Ale Wallet Version Update
  • The new version of Ale Wallet will include features like in-wallet token swap between USDT(BSC) and CCNA.
  • OORT Storage Commercial Version Release
  • OORT Storage commercial version has been released on March 29, 2023 after wrapping the beta version.
Q2, 2023
  • Investors & Partnership Announcement
  • April 5th: Announced strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud.
  • May 3rd: Announced Emurgo's strategic investment and partnership with OORT.
  • July 7th: OORT joined Dell Loyalty Program.
Q3, 2023
  • OORT AI Launch
  • August 30th: OORT AI has officially launched.
  • September 22nd: Announced that Lenovo Image as one of the first enterprise clients of OORT AI.
Q4, 2023
  • OORT lauched its mainnet, Olympus Protocol, on Nov 27, 2023. Check out the mainnet explorer.
Q1, 2024
  • Token Listing on Centralized Exchanges
Q2, 2024
  • OORT Compute Product Launch
  • The decentralized data compute engine that empowers data analytics, pipelines, and more

Project team

Max (Chong) Li
Max (Chong) Li
Founder and CEO
Max (Chong) Li linkedin
Cordy Joseph
Cordy Joseph
Business Development Manager
Cordy Joseph linkedin
logan (LOGAN) chen
logan (LOGAN) chen
Marketing Specialist
logan (LOGAN) chen linkedin
Will Fang
Will Fang
Strategic Partnerships
Will Fang linkedin
Sang Lee
Sang Lee
Chief Operations Officer/ Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Sang Lee linkedin
Alex Dovzhenko
Alex Dovzhenko
Product Manager
Alex Dovzhenko linkedin
Tami Koroye
Tami Koroye
Community Ambassador
Tami Koroye linkedin
Sean (Sichao) Yang
Sean (Sichao) Yang
Technical Lead
Sean (Sichao) Yang linkedin
Tyler Lockley
Tyler Lockley
Business Development Manager
Tyler Lockley linkedin
Milo Wang
Milo Wang
Product Marketing Manager
Milo Wang linkedin
Pamela Eastburn
Pamela Eastburn
Senior Community Manager
Pamela Eastburn linkedin
Samantha Lang
Samantha Lang
Human Resources Generalist
Samantha Lang linkedin
May Pang
May Pang
Global Head of Legal
May Pang linkedin
John Payne
John Payne
Marketing Team
John Payne linkedin
Chabane MT. Tarek
Chabane MT. Tarek
Chabane MT. Tarek linkedin
Yuxiao Zhong
Yuxiao Zhong
UX/UI Designer
Yuxiao Zhong linkedin
Ventseslav Sapundzhiev
Ventseslav Sapundzhiev
Director Of System Engineering
Ventseslav Sapundzhiev linkedin
Weirui P.
Weirui P.
Machine Learning Engineer
Weirui P. linkedin
Jinting FAN
Jinting FAN
Director Global Operations
Jinting FAN linkedin
Matthew Hawker
Matthew Hawker
Business Development Partner
Matthew Hawker linkedin
Michael A. Robinson
Michael A. Robinson
Chairman of Oort Foundation
Michael A. Robinson linkedin
Sam Steel
Sam Steel
Community moderator
Sam Steel linkedin
Odinakachukwu Cynthia Iheukwu
Odinakachukwu Cynthia Iheukwu
Search relevant and word classification
Odinakachukwu Cynthia Iheukwu linkedin


Efe Büken
Efe Büken
Efe Büken linkedin
Norm Levy
Norm Levy
Norm Levy linkedin
Kevin Henshaw
Kevin Henshaw
Advisory Board Member
Kevin Henshaw linkedin

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