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Peculium is the savings management platform to take advantage of the blockchain technology.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform

What is Peculium

  • PECULIUM revolutionizes savings management by deploying immutable Smart-Contracts over Ethereum blockchain. These smart contracts provide a trust-less way of achieving transparent, decentralized, and infallible contractual agreements.
  • PECULIUM is a visionary innovation in the realm of traditional savings, which with the help of AI?VE and Blockchain Technology, provides groundbreaking solutions in savings management for individuals, brokers, and companies that are based on the underlying value of crypto-assets.


Public sales: Dec 20, 2017 - TBA
Hard cap: 61,671,500 USD
Raised: 9,000,000 USD


Bounty: 3%
Social media: 67%
Other: 33

Token info

Ticker: PCL
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.010000 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, USD
Bonus program:
Private sale(1 Nov 2017-22 Nov 2017) - 50% bonus tokens
Pre-ICO - 35% bonus tokens
ICO Stage 1 - 20% bonus tokens
ICO Stage 2 - 15% bonus tokens
ICO Stage 3 - 10% bonus tokens
ICO Stage 4 - 5% bonus token
Token distribution:
5% - Private-sale
25% - ICO
5% - CCO March
10% - CCO April
10% - CCO May
10% - CCO June
20% - CCO July
15% - Stakeholders
Funds allocation:
20% - Marketing
25% - Development
20% - Security
20% - Technology Improvment
15% - Legal & Compliance

Peculium Roadmap


First prediction algorithm.

2016 - Plan for the extensive data analytics formed

Big data analytics planned.

Nov 2017 - ICO

Successful ICO raising $8.1M

Dec 2017 - AIEVE alpha launched

AIEVE predicts the crycptocurrency markets at a daily interval.
Success rate of 95%

Jan 2018 - AIEVE beta lauched

AIEVE predicts the crycptocurrency markets at intervals of each minute for 30 min in future Success rate of 96%.

Mar 2018 - Continued Coin offering phase started

CCO - Continued Coin offering directed towards the Big investors and institutional investors started The goal is to raise €110 Million.

This fund will be used for developing the guarantee fund for our main product SOLIDUS.

There is a finders fee for anyone who brings in the investors that can invest €10K (minimum for individual investors) and €100K (minimum for institutional investors).

April 2018 - Unsold token burn stage 1 of 5 ( 2.032 B of 20 B)

So how many tokens will be burned at the end of March?

1.032B tokens from ICO 1 B tokens from the CCO (allocation for March) = 2.032 B tokens

May 2018 - Unsold token burn stage 2 of 5 ( 3.032 B of 20 B)

So how many tokens will be burned at the end of April?

1.032B tokens from ICO 2 B tokens from the CCO (allocation for April) = 3.032 B tokens

Current total supply : 14,795,300,000 PCL
Circulating supply: 984,777,952 PCL

May 2018: Second token burn stage 3 of 5 (changed plan)
On 30 May 2018, we burnt a total of 5.77B tokens. This is a summary of the token burn for May
ICO Tokens 1,000,000,000
CCO May 2,000,000,004
CCO June 2,000,000,005
Stakeholders, March 109,509,671
Stakeholders, April 180,829,535
Stakeholders, May 240,000,022

Stakeholders, June 240,000,022

This brings the total to 5,770,339,259.

The transactions may be viewed here:

As we progress through the next phase of coin offering, we will update you on the future token burns.

Jun 2018 : Token burn stage 4 of 5

Token burn: June
For June, we processed a token burn of 1,352,259,206 tokens. Here are the details
ICO tokens: 1,064,000,000 (0xb5f6e37e8905932fe09a0414c0f2ca4a24846425)
Provisioned from the stakeholder tokens from March: 180829535 (0x6fe45e5ebb5f4bff4e539899e9d155411a43b85b)
Provisioned from the stakeholder tokens from March: 107429671 (0x38cdcfa3c62bc76dd4fa2daa198aaf91ba092f6d)
After the burn, we have 7,672,701,535 PCL tokens available in circulation.
We will announce if there are any further token burns.

Jul 2018 : Final token burn completed 5 of 5

Final token burn
Total supply left
2,207,856,526.29857398 PCL

Algo testing 1: AIEVE backtesting and forward testing yield 256% recorded

In a falling market AIEVE's ever-improving algorithm could generate whopping 256% profits. Implementation of sentiment analysis will increase its accuracy even further.

Nov 2018 Beta test 1 : 60 participants

A launch of closed beta testing for the working application and algorithm has started
Current status

3 types of portfolios: Conservative, moderate, aggressive
Average profits recorded (realized) 3% per month in USD

Dec 2018 Beta test 2: 250 participants announced

Starting January beta testing phase 2 will be starting for a larger group of investors

Social media

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