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Poseidon is a non-profit foundation which empowers consumers to rebalance their carbon impact when they buy everyday items.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform

What is Poseidon

Our platform is unique in many ways. With it, we can transact grams of carbon credits, for the first time, allowing us to integrate the carbon market with the retail sector. Our platform is truly end-to-end, connecting people protecting forests with consumers around the world at the point of sale. This has never been done before.

Once our solution is fully operational, retailers will be able to offer carbon credits with their products and services to mitigate and rebalance their negative climate impact or even turn them into a “climate positive” offering. Customers will be able to make a purchase at a physical shop or online store and immediately make a contribution to the fight against climate change.

Our solution will support forest-based carbon credits from their inception throughout their entire lifecycle. It will offer transparency, traceability, and monitoring at every step. While it will of course sit alongside the structural changes businesses are making to lower their emissions, it offers the critical acceleration in activity and funding for emission reduction projects, driving the changes necessary for sustainable global development.

A notable challenge of current carbon markets is that the same carbon credits are sometimes sold multiple times to different buyers, commonly referred to as ‘double counting.’ Each of these buyers expects that their purchase is retiring the carbon credit, a term used to describe when a carbon credit has been taken out of circulation, and that their funds are supporting a project that, unfortunately, never receives the funding more than once. If Poseidon were to become the single platform to manage all carbon credits globally, this challenge would be eliminated, as their current immutable status could be verified by all market participants.

Ensuring quality

There are a multitude of carbon projects in the world and it can be challenging to know whether a specific carbon credit will provide the desired climate action. To ensure that our platform will create the positive impact we and our partners envision, it will be crucial to only offer the highest quality of carbon credits and only support the best carbon projects with our blockchain solution.

Ecosphere+ will ensure that any emission reduction projects that will be added to our blockchain platform receive rigorous due diligence and are subject to ongoing monitoring to the highest global standards to ensure both quality and relevance of the resulting carbon credits, both for those provided directly by Ecosphere+ and those offered by alternative suppliers. This quality control is an important part of the Poseidon platform and will guarantee that carbon credits deliver the promised impact. Ecosphere+ is part of the impact fund Mirova-Althelia and provides full impact reporting of their projects and carbon credits to ensure they meet strict environmental, social, and governance standards.

Raising awareness

In order to ensure that climate change and the role carbon credits play in the fight against it are well understood, we will also be running global marketing campaigns that will raise awareness and provide people with the facts to make an educated decision about their everyday choices.

Our communications partner Hawthorn will create and disseminate strong messages that will resonate with and engage target audiences, growing the retail carbon market into a significant contributor to the fight against climate change.

Customer engagement through our mobile app

To provide an engaging experience for consumers, we are creating a mobile app that will display purchase details, their respective carbon footprint, and - most importantly - details of the specific carbon credits that were acquired with them. This will provide app users with relevant information about the origin of their purchased carbon credits and the impact they are having, both at an individual level, by purchase, and at an aggregated level.

The intention is to make the provided information interesting and informative, giving consumers a fun and meaningful way to interact with their purchase history. Consumers will also be able to share their achievements on social media to create a network effect that is expected to encourage further positive impact.

Another advantage of our app is that it provides communities that are involved in carbon projects a way to engage and interact with consumers globally, thus creating a platform that will bring those responsible for the forests on the ground closer to those interested in their protection.

Our mobile application will provide both consolidated as well as detailed views of purchases and their related carbon credits. Available carbon credit details will include their origin, the community the project is supporting, as well as photos and videos.

We will bring carbon credits and consumers together and create a community around the experience. At a later stage, we will launch further social media integrations to increase the impact of purchased carbon credits and allow interaction with users across the ecosystem.

Bringing customers and projects closer together

Every year, we will select the top carbon emission reducers from all consumers who have been offsetting their retail purchases using the Poseidon platform and invite them on a unique visit of one of the projects that we have supported as a community.

This rare opportunity will give these climate action champions a once in a lifetime insight into the positive impact we, and they, are having with our sustainable development projects.


Public sales: Feb 16, 2019 - Mar 24, 2019
Token supply: 18,000,000,000
Soft cap: 10,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 4,320,000,000 EUR
Raised: 2,397,050 USD


Blockchain Platform: Stellar
Country limitations: USA, Canada
Registration country: Malta
Office address: Ewropa Business Centre, Dun Karm Street, Birkirkara, BKR 9034, Malta

Token info

Ticker: OCEAN
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 OCEAN = 0.222 USD
Token price in EUR: 1 OCEAN = 0.192 EUR
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, XLM, Fiat
Token distribution:
50% are reserved as receipts for donations,
30% will form the liquidity pool,
12.5% will stay with the Poseidon Foundation to support future growth and recruitment,
7.5% will be distributed to the wider Poseidon Team.
Funds allocation:
80% - will be used to purchase carbon credits
20% - will cover the foundations operational costs

Poseidon Roadmap

2017 - Q2

• Poseidon Concept born
• Blockchain selected as technology platform
• Partnerships being conceptualized
• Legal partner with blockchain experience signed

2017 - Q3

• Stellar chosen as blockchain platform
• Strategic Partners agreements formalized
• Switzerland chosen as base
• Poseidon Foundation announced to public

2017 - Q4

• Details of platform designed
• Key advisors join Poseidon team
• Architecture reviewed with Stellar
• Regulatory challenges in Switzerland

2018 - Q1

• Malta chosen as new base
• Legal framework finalized
• Discussions with prospective clients
• First pilot design completed

2018 - Q2

• Poseidon Foundation established in Malta
• Pilot Platform launches with first Retail Client
• 1-year Fundraiser launches with first Public Round
• First Corporate Client signed up

2018 - Q3

• First Government Client signed up
• Participation in European Blockchain conferences
• Business Summit in Liverpool, England
• Poseidon Mobile App v1 Release

2018 - Q4

• Second Public Round of Fundraiser
• Participation in Blockchain conferences in Asia and Europe
• Onboarding of second Corporate Client
• Onboarding of second Government Client

2019 - Q1

• Climate Impact Product Catalog v1 Release
• Poseidon Mobile App v2 Release
• Onboarding of additional Clients in Europe
• Opening of Poseidon Headquarters in Liverpool

2019 - Q2

• Launch of Annual Poseidon Conference in Liverpool
• Final Round of Fundraiser
• Voluntary Donations capability released
• Opening of Global Poseidon Offices

2019 - Q3

• Full Poseidon Platform Launch
• Climate Impact Product Catalog v2 Release
• Poseidon Mobile App v3 Release
• Onboarding of first Clients in Asia

2019 - Q4

• Poseidon Platform Functionality Release v2
• Onboarding of first Clients in North America
• Top contributors invited to forest conservation project
• Research and Development roadmap announced

2020 - Q1

• Climate Impact Product Catalog v3 Release
• Poseidon Mobile App v4 Release
• Onboarding of additional Clients in Asia
• Poseidon Presence at World Economic Forum in Davos

2020 - Q2

• Annual Poseidon Conference in Liverpool
• Poseidon Platform Functionality Release v3
• Onboarding of additional Clients in North America
• Research and Development results announced

Project team

Laszlo Giricz
Laszlo Giricz
Founder And CEO
Laszlo Giricz linkedin
Cesare Tagliaferri
Cesare Tagliaferri
Cesare Tagliaferri linkedin
Chidi Akutu
Chidi Akutu
Chidi Akutu linkedin
Ian Briggs
Ian Briggs
Research And Development
Ian Briggs linkedin
Alexander Gnauck
Alexander Gnauck
Alexander Gnauck linkedin
Michael Cutler
Michael Cutler
Lead Developer
Michael Cutler linkedin
Brad Yasar
Brad Yasar
Business Strategy
Brad Yasar linkedin
David Parejo
David Parejo
Business Development Manager
David Parejo linkedin
Abyel Mehari
Abyel Mehari
Community Manager
Abyel Mehari linkedin
Willie Thompson
Willie Thompson
Communication Manager
Willie Thompson linkedin
Alex Robertson
Alex Robertson
Client Manager
Alex Robertson linkedin
Marco Marchioro
Marco Marchioro
Data Analytics
Marco Marchioro linkedin


Kristin Rechberger
Kristin Rechberger
Founder And CEO
Kristin Rechberger linkedin
Peter McCullagh
Peter McCullagh
Founder And Managing Partner "TenX Ventures Inc"
Anthony Hobley
Anthony Hobley
Chief Executive Officer "Carbon Tracker Initiative"
Justin Mundy
Justin Mundy
Former Director The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability UnitStrategic Partner
Chris Porter
Chris Porter
Software Development Management
Chris Porter linkedin
Rene Velasquez
Rene Velasquez
Carbon Markets Expert
Rene Velasquez linkedin
Jessica Verhagen
Jessica Verhagen
Carbon Trading Expert
Jessica Verhagen linkedin
David Webb
David Webb
Foundation Administrator
David Webb linkedin

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