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Building upon the well-established business model of shared workspaces, the project transforms traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality office spaces using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
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Technical details

Primalbase members can rent or sell their tokens using the special technical feature of the underlying WAVES protocols. From a technical point of view, this means that ownership of any amount of PBT can be transferred, temporarily or permanently. These are peer-to-peer transactions; therefore, parties must agree on costs and payments between themselves. The holder of the token is protected by his own Blockchain — the protocol works in such a way that the token cannot be transferred on but remains in the wallet of the rentee: in effect, the token is on a «temporary loan». The minimal duration that a token can be rented is 3 months, and there is no maximum period. A rental agreement may be terminated ahead of time by mutual decision of the parties or unilaterally. Formally, the WAVES platform does not allow the inclusion of specific leasing rules (i.e. the price, time, conditions, etc.) into the Blockchain, as there can be too many scenarios of interaction between users. However, within the leasing agreement between the parties, there are guarantees on the fulfillment of contractual obligations of all involved.

What is Primalbase

- Provides full access to the co-working or shared workspace with all the necessary services at any Primalbase location for one person - The number of tokens that can be purchased by the same holder is unlimited - Built on Waves platform (ease of custom token creation, low cost of operations, built-in decentralized exchange and integrated work with fiat currencies), supports compatibility and interoperability with Ethereum platform - a gate into Ethereum Blockchain


Public sales: Jun 24, 2017 - Jul 24, 2017
Raised: 7,600,000 USD


Registration country: Netherlands

Token info

Ticker: PBT
Token price in USD: 1 PBT = 7554.6 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Token distribution:
Crowdsale token supply: 1000 PBT The ICO will last until all 1000 PBT are sold, but no longer than a month. 70% of funds will go for hubs infrastructure development 20% - monthly operational expenditures 10% - development of accompanying digital products

Primalbase Roadmap

Five workplaces around the world

All of our handpicked locations are justifiably considered the most attractive destinations for technological entrepreneurs. Our Location Managers are on site daily to offer administrative assistance and professional advice. Designed with both aesthetic value and functionality in mind, it is a comfortable, stylish and productive environment. At Primalbase, you have a workspace to put your ideas into life, generate fresh concepts and interact with those catalysing real technological advancement as Primalbase is first of all a community

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